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usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first

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The descriptors PRI, SD, MIL, NI, and FLO were analyzed during full flowering of the primary raceme, whereas the descriptors NRH, PH and FD were observed when the racemes were mature to the point of harvest.
Total and marketable yields and total dry matter were not different between greenhouses A and B, despite the statistical differences for the variables number of fruits per plant, per raceme and mean mass of fruits.
maximum length of raceme (LRMax), mean length of raceme (LRMean), length of inflorescence axis (distance between the insertion point of the first to the last raceme of the inflorescence) (LIA), and number of spikelets per raceme (SR) of Brachiaria brizantha B4 under different nitrogen doses.
During 2009 to 2012, the four yield components recorded were racemes per square meter, flowers per raceme, pods per raceme, and seeds per pod.
2006a) findings revealed that GCA was highly significant for 50% flowering, primary branches and pods per main raceme.
Inflorescences composed of dyads, triads or monads grouped in spikes or racemes, found in the leaf axils or solitary.
These species and genera have adapted to harsh conditions and produce high numbers of male and female flowers but exhibit a low percentage of fruiting per raceme in both wild and cultivated population.
Pedicels as long as sepals, at least the lowermost pedicels of the raceme T chinensis 5 Racemes 3-5 mm wide.
bracteata blooms during May when the prairie is coming out of a winter's senescence, forming conspicuous clumps of ramets with pale yellow-flowering racemes among the emerging vegetation.
Nine characters including leaflet number, number of flowers per raceme, calyx tooth length and pod curvature differed (p < 0.
My acting skills have come experientially," Raceme tells me, admitting that she has never actually taken an acting class.
The inflorescence in Marcgraviastrum is a terminal umbelliformly contracted raceme and this is erect when is in bud and flower, while when the fruits mature may become pendulous in some species.
Stems decumbent or ascending from base; rachis of raceme with spreading trichomes; Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru L.
The inflorescences (= flowering units) of the Amaranthaceae have been described as a dense head, spike, raceme or panicle, or a loose or spike-like thyrse (Eliasson, 1988; Townsend, 1993).