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a social and political problem caused by conflict between races occupying the same or adjacent regions

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it has been twenty years since I have discussed the so-called race problem with anyone.
It's been clear for a while now that our nation's race problem is complicated in many ways by our nation's policing; events over the last few years have brought these issues to the fore many times over.
His is an optimistic view of the race problem in the late 1880s.
Yet for all his glowing tribute to Durham and Trinity College, Du Bois had some doubts, " To be sure, the future still has its problems, for the significance of the rise of a group of black people to the Durham height and higher, means not a disappearance but, in some respects, an accentuation of the race problem.
By last summer, when there was general recognition that a black man, Barack Obama, would receive the Democratic nomination for president, the percentage of Americans believing in an eventual solution to the race problem had risen to 58%.
Henry Louis Gates, professor of African-American Studies at Harvard University again shined a light on our race problem.
Hardy chides a multiculturalism movement in America by which "people-of-notable-color" are placed as tokens in films to signal that we have finally overcome our race problem.
I'm not suggesting that the race problem is over at all.
George wrote The Biology of the Race Problem and over 45,000 copies were paid for and distributed to selected recipients by Draper.
Among specific discussions are a techno-ethical approach to the race problem in anthropology, healthcare ethics in the information age, community education in new HIV prevention technologies research, walking the information overload tightrope, and electronic business offshore outsourcing.
My Color is Not My Name" will feature a panel of community members who will examine whether there is a race problem and, if so, how can the community work together to resolve it.
Switzerland has a serious race problem, and anyone claiming otherwise is in deep denial.
And an overwhelming majority of readers who responded think the city has a serious race problem.
There were basically two general positions taken: The race problem has been solved and we don't need that kind of commission anymore.
The army's segregation and assignment of most blacks to labor units were critical elements to their solution to the race problem.