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00 and Stakes Race Horse of the Year with 156 points.
The South African's stables at Al Asafa have an abundance of riches when it comes to Arabian race horses and they have provided him with all but three of his success this season.
Race Horse Trader is affiliated to the Racehorse Owners Association, whose 7,000-plus members will enjoy a six-month trial period during which time they can place advertisements on the website free of charge.
This is the story of Big Red, the promising young race horse that went lame on the racetrack in Perth.
Janet Foster, Stirling THE phrase is derived from an old tradition of keeping a goat in a stable with a race horse.
Dear Editor, The 2009 Cheltenham Festival marks the second anniversary of the launch of Animal Aid's Race Horse Deathwatch - an online database that monitors all thoroughbred deaths on Britain's racecourses.
A race horse cannot be a race horse throughout its entire existence--age catches up with us all, even horses.
The celebration ended through town apathy and a lawsuit by a German woman who claimed she had been injured when knocked down by a race horse.
Every good operator knows that good air flow keeps the compactor running like a race horse.
Just as most of the country was enamored with Seabiscuit, an ugly duckling grandson of the great race horse Man O' War, during the Depression, the author and the reader will feel great affection for the horse, his owners, trainers and jockeys by the end of this book.
AN elderly gentleman finally achieved his life long ambition and bought a race horse.
THE Queen Mother's newest race horse - shared with some exiled Scots in an Australian pub - has been renamed in her honour.
Be clear," says Corbel, "you don't invest the money you need to live on in a race horse.
If a taxpayer buys a race horse over two years of age, 62.