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The state's chief veterinarian said rabid animals tend to drool at the mouth.
In most cases, it was caused by an unrecognized attack from a rabid wild animal.
6x more likely to be rabid than were those not reported to be aggressive (p<0.
They don't tell you about the rabid foaming mouths in the holiday brochures, do they?
Despite public fear of rabid dogs and widespread rabies in wild raccoons on the Eastern seaboard, Dr.
The similarities between an era when rabid anticommunism threatened to undermine the very liberties and freedoms Americans feared the Soviets would deprive us of and our current willingness to surrender these same liberties in the war on terror are obvious.
Among economists who are not rabid right-wing or rabid left-wing guys, everyone understands.
Occurring Feb 15 the case involved a rabid cat that attacked a man's dog 7 miles south of Fredericksburg.
Tests quickly confirmed that the bat was indeed rabid, enabling Kenneth to begin receiving a series of rabies shots without delay.
As one would expect from his earlier dramatic studies of Berlin and New York, Alan Balfour's bumper book of Shanghai is neither the work of a ragged trousered philanthropist, nor easy reading for the rabid metropolitan booster.
The real crime lays in the rabid arrogance within the OEMs and their dismissive attitude toward those who aren't part of their inner circle, Without an MBA from Harvard, an executive v.
CHUCK MILLS, on the subject of rabid football fans: "They sit in the stands and boo the coach for calling the wrong play, then go out to the parking lot and can't find their car.
I was in danger of becoming as rabid as any Clinton-hater after several pardons and some light vandalism.
This article discusses many Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform texts that mention the rabid dog and rabies: incantations against the rabid dog and rabies, extispicy and astrological omens predicting an epidemic of rabies, behavioral omens interpreting rabies as an ominous sign predicting disaster for a city, religious texts demonizing it among the monsters of Tiamat, proverbs and letters using it to satirize an evil person, and royal inscriptions describing the demon of the rabid dog among the monsters depicted on palace doors and gates.
Louis Pasteur tested his new vaccine for rabies on a boy bitten by a rabid dog.