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large European chimaera

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Clove oil as a fish anaesthetic for measuring length and weight in rabbitfish (Siganus lineatus).
The rabbitfish is the 36th non-native marine fish species documented off of the states coast.
Ayson FG, de Jesus-Ayson EG, Takemura A (2007) mRNA expression patterns for GH, PRL, SL, IGF-I and IGF-II during altered feeding status in rabbitfish, Siganus guttatus.
Fishpond owners had also cut significantly their expenses by feeding the seaweed to their rabbitfish (Siganid sp) stocks locally known as "malaga.
Masculinization of female golden rabbitfish Siganus guttatus using an aromatase inhibitor treatment during sex differentiation.
That makes Helicoprion a distant relative of today's rabbitfish, ratfish and other chimaeras.
And a kind of rabbitfish is one of the few species, besides the gobies, that will not just ignore the chemically defended Chlorodesmis seaweed tufts.
The fish caught are often from families including Emperor, Rabbitfish and Parrotfish that migrate between coral reef, mangrove and seagrass habitats.
Differential expression of insulin-like growth factor I and II mRNAs during embryogenesis and early larval development in rabbitfish, Siganus guttatus.
In a past study, 6 fish species from the Kenyan Indian Ocean coast that included parrotfish (Callyodon gutatus), rabbitfish (Siganus oramin), scavengerfish (Lethrinus nebulosus), skipjack tuna(Euthynnus pelamis), barracuda (Sphyraena japonica) and little mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) were screened for potential scombrotoxicity [29].
1972), rabbitfish (Siganus lineatus) (Soto e Burhanuddin, 1995), truta arco-íris (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Keene et al.
As menores dosagens de óleo de cravo tendem a aumentar o tempo de indução, o que foi observado no presente experimento e confirmado por Soto e Burhanuddin (1995) que, ao induzirem exemplares de rabbitfish (Siganus lineatus) à anestesia com óleo de cravo em concentrações de 33, 50, 67 e 100 mg [L.
Streptococcus iniae, the Causative Agent of Mass Mortality in Rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus in Bahrain.