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United States writer and poet (1905-1989)

United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)


a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits

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an overcrowded residential area

a colony of rabbits

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The service was non-stop, if hardly express, allowing a splendid, lingering view of the molehills and rabbit warrens that lined the route.
I was up to my knees in mud and the stile led me straight into a maze of rabbit warrens.
This book is full of interesting discussions of matters like the predominance of brick houses in East Anglia because of the scarcity of good building stone there, the increasing space devoted to residential suites after circa 1360 as a symptom of the increased desire for privacy, and the role of fish farming and rabbit warrens in late medieval Britain.
Mendoza's description of the markets, the streets that twist and turn like rabbit warrens, and the low-life inhabitants produces a visual feast worthy of comparison to Zola's Ventre de Paris.
Neil Rendall, 40, a community councillor, said: "In the past we have blocked up rabbit warrens and tried gassing them to keep the problem under control.
Hundreds of corporate welfare programs and hundreds of billions of dollars are involved in the matrices of rules and the rabbit warrens of regulations that reallocate taxpayer dollars to corporate coffers.
There are no panic-inducing, windowless rabbit warrens, typical of the backstage (or even the main public areas) of so many theatres.
THE BURROWERS: ANIMALS UNDERGROUND (9pm BBC2) TO find out what animals get up to below the surface, Chris Packham, pictured, working with a team in Dartmoor who have lovingly constructed life-size replicas of rabbit warrens, badger setts and a burrow for water voles complete with its own riverbank.
FIREFIGHTERS went to the aid of man's best friend more than 58 times in four years - rescuing dogs stuck down rabbit warrens, behind radiators and in tumble dryers.
Rabbit warrens and groups of football playing children probably need him to be on lead before he gets to them.