rabbit warren

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Synonyms for rabbit warren

an overcrowded residential area

a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits


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The network of public rooms at the front of the hotel, which link in with the guest rooms above, the breakfast rooms behind and the hotel garden form a cosy rabbit warren not dissimilar to stepping into Bilbo Baggins' welcoming Hobbit Hole.
This unique property reminds me a bit of a rabbit warren with lots of unusual nooks and crannies and rooms surprising you at every turn.
He describes the habitats around Coate Farm, near Swindon, through various aspects of the country: the village, hamlet, farmhouse, orchard, woodpile, homefield, ash copse, rabbit warren, and other parts of his surroundings.
Make sure you check out Craig Charles playing funk and soul in a rabbit warren, Billy Bragg and Professor Brian Cox talking science and socialism, and DJs Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox going head to head on the decks.
Otherwise, there's a danger of creating a rabbit warren of rooms, immediately losing the integrity of the building.
Back fromthe granite quaywhich still services a traditional fishing fleet is a rabbit warren of places to explore.
Its former home at the west end of Main Street - a retrofitted house so packed with trinkets and tea tables that it had been described as a rabbit warren - has closed.
Further houses were bought, and municipal functions developed like a rabbit warren, including eventually the city archives, prison, orphanage, post office, and fire station.
The mommy section of Susan Sarandon's resume seems to expand faster than the population of a rabbit warren.
District Court to the rabbit warren of cubicles at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), every branch of the federal government has roused itself into a frenzied jihad against news leaks.
Though the advertisement appears to be humorous, what it is actually saying is that if you're some pathetic loser trapped in a rabbit warren who dreams of escaping from this personal hell by getting rich in the stock market, then you're an even more pathetic loser than you seemed to be.
as if calling a terrier digging in a rabbit warren.
Certainly, the "provincial remoteness" Priestley noted in 1934 was in place eighty years earlier as the Wedgwoods' influence allowed key workers advances on wages and apprenticeships for their sons while providing paid employment for their wives and daughters in the rabbit warren of workrooms, shops, and finishing departments that had changed but little from the glory days of Josiah Wedgwood himself.
It is a quirky sort of shop that you might initially think is just a hardware shop - it sells all sorts of things and feels like a rabbit warren.
It's gridlocked too many times and with one-way streets it's like a rabbit warren where once you park the car you will never find it again