rabbit punch

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a short chopping blow to the back of the neck

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Hopkins also hit the canvas from another rabbit punch in the eighth round and a from a low blow in the 10th - with the fight stopped both times.
In a fight that had almost everything - a low blow, a knockdown, a rabbit punch, point deductions, and plenty of clutching, grabbing and gamesmanship - Worcester's Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez stayed undefeated and slugged his way into the lucrative final of the "Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four" on Saturday at Le Casino de Monte Carlo.
After a Hopkins rabbit punch in round eight, Jones responded with a rabbit punch that sent Hopkins to the canvas again.
With Lesnar on top and appearing to dominate the action, referee Steve Mazagatti halted the action and deducted a point from Lesnar for the rabbit punch, despite the fact it appeared the punch was unintentional.
Just when Emile Heskey thought he was finally getting the recognition his stand-out season deserved, fate yesterday had a smirk on its face as it landed yet another rabbit punch in the shape of omission from England's squad for their summer tour Hours after leaving the city's swanky Hilton Metropole hotel with an armful of honours from Birmingham City's end-of-season awards, the 27-year-old had been unceremoniously dumped by national team manager Sven Goran Eriksson.
Whatever, he certainly packs one hell of a rabbit punch.
If he goes, it will be because of the chance to play in the Champions League, or about money, not because he got a rabbit punch in a bar - and I'll bet any money he's telling anyone who listens it was a lucky punch that took him off balance, and didn't really knock him down
Judah touched off a brawl during the 10th round of the fight when he fouled Mayweather with a low blow and a rabbit punch.
Thankfully, the sneaky rabbit punch was spotted by a touch judge and de Santis showed him the red card.
But then, every man knows a rabbit punch is not as sore as a crabbit punch.
in the groin, then to the back of the head with a rabbit punch.
His rabbit punch victory over Dean Swanson in the Multi Nations also left a bitter taste in the mouth.