rabbit hole

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a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits

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Commissioned by St James' Court as the first of the 'English Classics, Reinvented' literary series, launched at the preview reception of the Hay Festival 2015, this collector's edition cover is East London based designer Ethan McClean's psychedelic interpretation of Alice's journey down the rabbit hole.
The Moleskine notebook gets curiouser and curiouser as it tumbles down the rabbit hole and into Lewis Carroll ' s literary classic, Alice ' s Adventures in Wonderland.
Media have been supportive of Lotus Crush and Rabbit Hole with Yahoo
The museum in Jordan Well launches its new family creative play space Through the Rabbit Hole today, which ties in with its latest free exhibition, Looking in Wonderland: Sir John Tenniel's Illustrations to the Alice Books.
YOU don't need to venture down the rabbit hole to see this version of Alice in Wonderland.
While the set design by Bob Crowley (who also designed the costumes) and the projections by John Driscoll and Gemma Carrington bring many of Lewis' classic scenes to life--Alice's falling down the rabbit hole, her monstrous growth spurt, then shrinking-they can unfortunately overshadow the dancing.
The Rabbit Hole works to promote Emirati and Gulf brands to help increase the visibility of GCC designers in the UAE and the region at large.
Summary: It took more than three hours for firefighters in Shropshire to free a small Patterdale terrier who got stuck down a rabbit hole.
Nicole Kidman rang him up to ask him to star with her in Rabbit Hole, as did Johnny Depp for a role in forthcoming The Rum Diary.
A brave,new film called Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman in a multi-award nominated performance, is set to rectify that.
05pm) A review of Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman, plus a look at David O Russell''s boxing drama The Fighter and Rowan Joffe''s new screen version of the novel Brighton Rock.
A brave, new film called Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman in a multi-award nominated performance - including a nod for Best Actress in this year's Oscars - is set to rectify that.
Roslyn would really like to meet a penguin so she's going to dig a hole--not a tiny mouse hole or a medium-sized rabbit hole but the biggest hole on earth.
AARON ECKHART has admitted filming new drama Rabbit Hole with NICOLE KIDMAN wasn't easy.