rabbit burrow

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a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits


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Another badly decomposed dog was found in a nearby shallow tunnel and the bag was next to a rabbit burrow, containing what appeared to be the remains of several other dogs.
The favourite shelduck nesting place is a rabbit burrow.
Angus had lots of fun when he discovered the rabbit burrow - a warren riddled with kiddie-sized paths, where whooping children can race along pretending to be Mopsy or Flopsy.
They bury their eggs in burrows similar to rabbit burrows, which are very vulnerable to predation by rats," he said.
There are around 580,000 pairs in the UK and they are found largely on our northern coasts, nesting in old rabbit burrows or in ones they have dug themselves.
Before there were buildings to nest in, jackdaws used holes in trees, cliffs and old rabbit burrows.
These deep invaginations resemble rabbit burrows, from which the term cuniculatum is derived.
A Labrador barks, a rabbit burrows, a mother shouts her kin to hurry, the tinkle of a copper coin, the weight one more wish hits home.
The birds commonly nest in trees and cavities in cliffs, but where neither is available, they often lay their eggs in rabbit burrows in the ground.
My wife Val had rescued and reared a Manx-shearwater,a sea bird that travels half way around the world each year on migration, spending 10 months of the year at sea,only coming ashore to breed in cliff-top rabbit burrows.
On two separate occasions, Beck watched the creatures invade rabbit burrows and swallow baby rabbits whole.
As an illustration of the relatively minor contribution that national parks make to the rabbit problem, the Bureau of Resource Science has estimated that ripping rabbit burrows in the Western Division of New South Wales would cost $1.
We will place the decoys in suitable habitat so, once on land, they will discover suitable breeding sites in the form of existing rabbit burrows.
These colourful birds are resting in estuaries as they moult after raising their young in rabbit burrows.
Some pairs excavate their own tunnel to lay a single egg but others take over abandoned rabbit burrows.
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