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spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation

a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher

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The rabbis wrote that dressing up as soldiers would be improper "at a time when the government is trying to seduce and intimidate the youth," into serving in the army, and alleged that the costumes would legitimize IDF service in the Haredi community.
The list, which includes the names of 160 rabbis from several countries outside Israel, is "the latest indignity suffered by Diaspora Jews at the hands of Israel's ultra-Orthodox religious establishment," said Rabbi Seth Farber, a Modern Orthodox rabbi and vocal critic of the rabbinate's bureaucracy and lack of transparency.
Hundreds of rabbis, most of them Orthodox, immigrated to America after 1921, changing the ratio of rabbis to congregants, revitalizing Orthodox leadership, resulting in the establishment of new Orthodox institutions, and setting the stage for the renewal of Orthodoxy, especially fervent or so-called Ultra-Orthodoxy, following World War II.
Among his respondents was Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the President of the Union for Reform Judaism, who argued that rabbis must use "the sermon to bear prophetic witness to pressing societal and communal challenges their congregants faced.
As the son of Rabbi David Cohen (1887-1972), the legendary Nazirite of Jerusalem, Rabbi Cohen grew up among some of Israel's greatest rabbis.
Rabbi Cohen said Emanuel Sinai, a reform congregation, has previously had female rabbis, so she "didn't need to break that ground.
Yes, my congregation called me rabbi, I joined the Board of Rabbis and started using the title on my articles, books and even checkbook.
Jerusalem -- PNN - Herzl Boulevard, Jerusalem, was blocked on Monday after right-wing Israelis protested over the recent arrests of Rabbis by Israeli police.
The spiritual guru has written more than 25 books and descends from a long line of prominent rabbis including his father, Haim Pinto.
Since her husband died in 2002, Pauker has repeatedly implored Rabbi Samuel Ohana to return the Torahs so she can give them to two nephews, rabbis in Florida and New York.
ENI)--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Israel's two chief rabbis, Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger, have signed an agreement mapping out their future dialogue.
Rabbi Kaplan helped create the modern bat mitzvah ceremony for 13-year-old girls in 1922, and the movement accepted women as rabbis from the opening of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1968.
Were it not for early rabbis such as Yohanan, Gamliel, and Yehudah Hanasi, there would be no Judaism or Jewish people today.
Guedj wonders whether such politicians ever consult the rabbis this is a highly theological question, but the leader in question is a non-practising Jew.