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of or relating to rabbis or their teachings


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The bride's father asked whether he could establish for them a fund that lends money with rabbinically prohibited interest, since the groom was effectively an orphan.
All appear biblically, rabbinically, and liturgically with reference to God's actions at the Exodus and with reference to God's future saving/redemption of Israel.
Rabbinically it is called acceptance of the yoke of divine sovereignty (qabbalat ol malkhut shamayim).
Kirsch's book is a sustained defense of diversity within Judaism, and a polemic against rabbinically imposed uniformity and orthodoxy.
that Midrash--the rabbinically generated oral supplement to the Torah--allowed rabbis to "`amend' divine revelation.
Ulum's objections to post-biblical "innovations"), they do not even intimate that the three daily prayers were rabbinically instituted as substitutes for the three daily sacrifices performed when the Temple was in existence.
She records Mohammed's depredations against the Jews but has little to say about Israeli beliefs, statements and laws against "non-Jews," often rabbinically sanctioned practices of deportation, killing, house demolition, land confiscation, annexation and what Sara Roy has called systematic economic dedevelopment.
Inasmuch as the seller has no wine, the entire deal turns now into a transaction in futures which, in effect, is a time deposit in kind with a quasi-interest as a return (which is rabbinically prohibited).
It would appear that "Portuguese" lineage was passed on through the father, and that the significance of such lineage was endorsed even by a rabbinically approved institution such as the dowry society.
4) This matter continued to be a subject of debate among medieval rabbinic authorities, Maimonides ruling that it is a biblical prohibition to marry any foreigner, while the Tur rules that only those nations explicitly mentioned in the Torah are biblically forbidden; others are only rabbinically proscribed.
According to traditional Jewish law, or halakhah, a married woman may not remarry unless she obtains a get--a rabbinically mediated and approved divorce--from her husband.
They incorporated these positions into the very heart of their halakic reasoning, into works written in the densest rabbinical style, which were generally read only by other rabbinically trained Jews with the same religious commitments.
Mirsky, rabbinically ordained and concerned as much with Jewish identity as politics, could also be considered center to center-right.
This dynamic is perhaps best exemplified by the rabbinically mandated obligation to recite a blessing before eating any food, a blessing that acknowledges God as the creator of what one is about to enjoy.
The issue of American Jewry and the Holocaust arose during a portion of the lecture in which the Ray was expounding a Jewish philosophy of the festivals, distinguishing between the major, biblically ordained festivals and the Sabbath on the one hand, and the lesser, and rabbinically ordained festivals such as Hanukkah and Purim, on the other.