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of or relating to rabbis or their teachings


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Lavee emphasizes how the Babylonian Talmud--the Bavli--shaped rabbinic conceptualizations of conversions to Judaism, shifting the focus of demarcation towards genealogy and bodily perspectives.
The CJV statement acknowledged "vast theological differences" between Judaism and Christianity, yet also pointed to strong correlations between the positions of Evangelical Christians and "those maintained by Rabbinic tradition.
Given the significance of discipline within this context, and taking the dual notion of discipline as both content and means as our starting point, we can now turn to tannaitic rabbinic literature (c.
The term sofer is also used in rabbinic literature to denote a teacher of Torah.
Three chapters are published for the first time: "Introduction: Of Legal Fictions and Narrative Worlds" (1); "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Rabbinic Judaism after Sixty (Plus) Years: Retrospect and Prospect" (6); and "Afterword: Between History and Its Redemption" (25).
For example, Yifat Monnickendam has shown a level of Jewish influence on Ephrem's thought that suggests sustained dialogue with rabbinic tradition, and Sidney Griffith has argued that Ephrem saw himself in continuity with Scripture's prophetic rebuke of Israel.
This preference has a legal origin as well as a cultural one, stemming from a rabbinic prohibition on mesirah, meaning "delivery" or "handing over" in Hebrew.
Thus, Jesus is seen as allied to the halakhic trajectory that would produce rabbinic Judaism and as an opponent of the Pharisees.
He devoted much of his formidable energy, however, to studying the Talmud and bringing rabbinic commentary to bear on a variety of matters that were exercising his compatriots during the upheavals of the mid-seventeenth century.
The Cambridge Companion to The Talmud and Rabbinic Literature
In rabbinic tradition, until the modern period, the Bar Kokhba rebellion was an utter failure.
For Rosenblatt shows how one man--Selden--had the desire as well as ability to understand Judaism on its own terms, to see the rabbis as mitigating the "rigor" of the Old Testament, and thus to discover in rabbinic thought (rather than Christianity?
Suzanne Last Stone edits RABBINIC AND LAY COMMUNAL AUTHORITY (0881259535, $25.
Now they lead the pack again, as Rabbi Toba Spitzer was just named head of the Reconstructionist Rabbinic Association, the first openly gay person, man or woman, to lead such an organization.
From core values of the Rabbinic tradition, to the long history of Jewish struggles for civil rights, to the core and sometimes conflicting impulses to both survive (Exodus) and help the world become in accordance with a higher moral standard (Sinai), Judaism and Justice examines history with a keen account of missteps and falterings among Jews as well as their positive contributions to world history.