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Synonyms for rabbet

a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together


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join with a rabbet joint

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cut a rectangular groove into

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Rabbet 1 and rabbet 2 joints were the weakest but not significantly different from each other.
Cut a 5/8-by 5/8-inch rabbet along one edge of the 2-by-4.
The miniature bearing router bits can be used on wood and plastics and come in a variety of profiles including round over, chamfer, flush, bevel trim and rabbet.
Amana Tool's Super Rabbet, item number 49360, is used for shaping the rabbet for glass and is available with a complete set of accessory collars and an assortment of guide bearings to cut any size rabbet.
The processing components include first and second pairs of chipper canter units with novel chipper heads, a pair of rabbet units in which each has a pair of cutter heads on concentric telescopic shafts and power-driven rolls for off-feeding pieces of lumber of differing widths.
Bernkopf ripped a 1/2- by 3/4-inch rabbet along the inside edge of each upright, then screwed the plywood panels in place.
Cut door strips apart to make 12 doors,then cut a shallow rabbet in one back edge of each for the hings, as pictured on page 100.
For the hardboard base, cut a 1/8- by 3/8-inch rabbet in one edge of the side board.