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a communicator (speaker or writer) who uses quotations

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We have some agents that are primarily property and casualty, and when they saw the term quoting app and the Social Link Quoter, they loved the ease of marketing life insurance through the app," Zellers said.
Since the Bag and Film Quoter is a fully integrated component of TMM v.
With that in mind, Insight Title Company recently released their online Rate Quoter.
She said 'I'm not taking it,' and when I asked what I should do with it her reply was do whatever I wanted," The Telegraph quoter Cotter as saying.
Starting in October, the MOCA Division's Enterprise Services representatives will use Sun's web-based Enterprise Service Quoter (ESQ) tool to gain direct access to Sun's database, pricing and serial number information.
The interactive Rate Quoter calculates various mortgage loans through the company's Internet site by selecting the Rate Quoter icon at www.
Color proofs should be calibrated to the Quoter s equipment and include an assembled mock-up of the final guide.
Using Selectica ACE to power its "System Quoter," an online service for professional contractors, RCC now gives its dealers and resellers a fast and easy way to design and order complex audio and video systems.
Notes: Any written explanation desired by a Quoter regarding the meaning or interpretation of thisRFQ package, must be requested in writing to via iSupplier On Line Discussions no later than October 28, 2015 by 2:00 PM, St.
New modules designed to address online buyers include the ACE Advisor, ACE Pricer and ACE Quoter.