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the quality of being worthy of being quoted

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William Goldman's 1973 novel and its 1987 film adaptation have a nearly fanatic following; the comical romance of The Dread Pirate Roberts and the princess Buttercup winning converts through its quick-paced action and infectious quotability.
Tee-to-green certainly, I'm playing as well as I have for many years," he stated in a press conference yesterday, for which there was standing room only, such is his quotability on the eve of any event.
One rule of thumb in anybody's epigrammar is quotability.
For all its quotability, Frost's famous adage may be more complex than it first appears, or than Frost himself intended--he went on to say, less ambiguously, "It is also what is lost in interpretation.
But despite the quotability of Tirukkural's verses and the seeming ease with which they may be detached from their textual moorings, one would be hard-pressed to find a Tamil scholar who would concede that Tirukkural is best described as an anthology of quotable aphorisms.
Tengtu shareholders should be delighted at the prospect of returning to the OTC Bulletin Board, with its far greater liquidity and quotability," said Chairman and CEO Pak K.
The Watch lacks the loveable losers triumphing over the arrogant appeal of Dodegball, the goofy idiocy and quotability Zoolander, and even the nostalgic affection the cop show revival could count on.
Ironically, Lydon's sheer quotability often distracted from his true creative talents.
He was liked by the reporters for his wit and quotability and respected by politicians of both parties for his political acumen.
Likewise, there are still people who balk at his quotability and his
In general the films that qualify for inclusion in this book do so on the basis of their re-watchability, quotability and for their very unique and personal appeal.