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an issue that is presented for formal disputation

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Tu male credis ciuia si quodlibet tale sacrament= esset / Deus et verum corpus Christi, intiniti sunt dii.
Here, what makes abstract (vi) strong enough to deduce (3), unfortunately, also makes it too powerful, implying outright logical contradictions, and thereby logically trivializing not only K(Q-W) assumption (3), derivable ex quodlibet falsum, independently of assumptions (1) and (2), in company, classically, with any inference whatsoever as equally deductively valid.
The academic quodlibet was applied theology when it was related to political and social issues throughout society.
Nada en comun, mirando al quodlibet ens, por exceso de sentido de la alteridad del otro que esta en el con, y no por defecto, no por sustraccion de sentido.
2004, febrero), "Tiempo musical/ Espacio musical", en Quodlibet.
Here is the remarkable part: after [perpendicular to], the logician may continue the argument any way she chooses, presumably to reach a "true" conclusion but often to reach a "false" but still valid one, thanks to the rule of ex falso quodlibet, or "after a contradiction comes anything.
A recent reprint of this original can be found at Quademi Quodlibet, Milan, 2000.
In a series of works, the logician Graham Priest has argued against this ancient prejudice, which finds expression in of the traditional principle ex contradictione quodlibet "from a contradiction, anything follows.
In the theological literature of the later Middle Ages, the connection between black-bile melancholy and the Jews became commonplace; examples of the melancholic Jew can be found in the quodlibet that served as written exams in the medieval university.
Also useful are several recent periodical issues devoted entirely or almost entirely to Liszt's activities and accomplishments; these include fascicles of the Etudes germaniques and Quodlibet published in 2008.
Chapter 5, 'Relevantistic Logic', concerns logics which reject exfalso quodlibet.
7:15; Ted Dorman, "Justification as Healing: The Little-Known Luther," Quodlibet Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, vol.