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Synonyms for quizzically

in a quizzical and questioning manner

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I looked at her quizzically and she explained that if you visit a man's house for the first time and he suggests you use the Stena stairlift to get to the bathroom, book a taxi.
WHO among us has not gazed quizzically at a piece of work from street artist Banksy and thought, "How can this rubbish be worth money?
You know, Gibbo," said TC quizzically, "that was the worst display I have ever seen from a supposedly world-class player.
The mom has her home pregnancy test in hand, only this time she is looking a tad more (shall we say) quizzically at the positive results.
Nor is the conversation one-sided; the reader-auditor responds in a variety of ways: quizzically, meditatively, gesturally, laughingly, or even profanely.
My husband and I glanced at each other quizzically.
They'll be swimming up and down the lake and he'll then look at them quizzically.
Meanwhile, cappuccinos and patisseries abandoned, the public mill round, pointing to the familiar and looking quizzically at the patently mad.
Seeing me shake my head quizzically, he answered his own question: " It is because tomato juice is the most difficult ingredient for a bartender to handle.
As well as shots of the group in action - with George looking rather quizzically at the young photographer taking pictures in the wings - Andy also captured them relaxing backstage and with a woman who appears to be a radio journalist, identified only as 'Mrs Kirby.
When I approached the official, he quizzically enquired as to what exactly I was trying to do.
When I entered the room, the young and not so young looked quizzically at me.
After nearly 30 minutes of a back-and-forth and candid discussion, she quizzically asked, "Why are there are so many products out there that are so much alike.
Head and neck poking out quizzically over a small hillock, it eyed us keenly for some time before staggering to its feet.
Bold, lushly imaginative statements hang quizzically in the air.