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someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications

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Auds for aggressive quizzer "Weakest Link" have almost halved and its days are numbered, but the third series of reality garner "The Mole" and new "Temptation Island" are performing OK.
However, Smith points out that the quizzer is returning to ABC Stateside for a new season in the fall.
Quizzing will be cancelled automatically if the quizzer fails to attend the session.
Paragraph two of Article (150): The quizzing will be cancelled automatically if the quizzer fails to attend the session.
Kevin Ashman is ranked the UK's and the world's strongest quizzer, having won the British title eight times, the European title five times and the World title four times.
More than 5,000 miles away from 221B Baker Street, Holmes's London address, avid quizzer and full- time writer Partha Basu has woven a new story centred around the legendary detective, reportedly after stumbling upon some papers locked away in a wooden box.
Or why was ARD's top host Joerg Pilawa working the phones on a ZDF telethon--in the exact same timeslot that ARD was airing a primetime quizzer he headlined?
and a FREE DOWNLOAD of theBeachFront Quizzer Self-Help and Interactive Study Aid.
TELLY quizzer CJ de Mooi helped the homeless singlehanded after he failed to find any volunteers among his 11,000 Twitter followers.
400: Danger Disaster, Lady Magic, Quizzer Lady, Creive Hawk, Wellbray Lad, Mays Shadow
In 1984, Griffin and King World teamed to revive the Griffin quizzer "Jeopardy," whose new host Alex Trebek quickly became a household name.
More than 30 stand-ups were due to perform at the event in a line-up which also included Mock the Week regular Gary Delaney, Phoenix Nights' Justin Moorhouse and telly quizzer Paul Sinha, known to millions as the man in the white suit on ITV teatime show The Chase.
The first famous faces who have to decide whether to 'question or nominate' include Johnny Vegas, Ann Widdecombe and Heston Blumenthal, but who will be the last quizzer standing?
Prizes to be won in the various categories include best school quizzer, best college quizzer and best female quizzer, as well as for the overall local and global champions.