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MUSCAT: Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Contest (TOOISQC) is a knowledge movement rather than just a quiz, according to Oman's favourite quizmaster Giri 'Pickbrain' Balasubramaniam.
So all of those things, added to being a quizmaster of your own show, make it something many presenters really want to do.
He was an icon where every quizmaster wanted to emulate him, trying to copy his style of conducting a quiz which became more like an art form," said Ghosal.
When the last player standing has beaten off the rest (not literally, it doesn't get physical) they then get the chance to win big if they answer quizmaster handsome Gethin Jones' 21st question.
The "Face the Fire" rapid fire round, adeptly conducted by the assistant quizmaster Krishna Kumar Raghupathy, created many ripples in the winning team from Al-Yasmin School (Riyadh) comprising Mohammed Ameen Arimbra, Micah Wilson George and Jinu Jose who had consolidated their position by the sixth round.
Had there been a 'man-of-the-match award' in the final of the 16th Commercialbank-Indian Women's Association (IWA) Inter-School quiz contest, without doubt, ace quizmaster Derek O'Brien, who regaled the packed gathering yesterday at Birla Public School, would have walked away with it, rather convincingly.
If the quizmaster gives the citation, the student must recite the verse.
Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay offended the landlord at the Nag's Head in Usk after the landlord claims he repeatedly heckled the quizmaster during an event in aid of the Help for Heroes charity.
16 -- In quizzing parlance, when a question goes unanswered by both the teams on stage as well as the audience, it is said to have returned to the quizmaster.
Visiting Indian professor and quizmaster Dr Abraham Joseph, from the Mar Ivanios College in Thiruvananthapuram, was the chief guest.
The founder and Artistic Director Emeritus of Toronto-based Opera in Concert, he was also the first Artistic Director of the Canadian Opera Company Ensemble Studio and is well known to radio listeners from coast to coast as the ebullient, longtime quizmaster of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.
With quizmaster Erfyl Jones, Denbigh, providing the questions, the Whitford A quartet emerged victorious.
Young, 39, joined newsman Andrew Marr as quizmaster for The Ultimate News Quiz during the evening, at finance firm Bloomberg's HQ in London.
Featuring BBC Midlands Today presenter Nick Owen as the star quizmaster, Mega Quiz 2007 promises to be a fun-filled night of trivia, brainteasers and mind-stretching questions.
The quizmaster was a composite of all objectionable masters of ceremonies; loud, brash, condescending and insultingly familiar.