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Synonyms for quitclaim

Synonyms for quitclaim

document transferring title or right or claim to another

act of transferring a title or right or claim to another

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Even so, Stoddard in 1948 quitclaimed the land to Nordling, who did not record.
FCD argued that SFSC lacked standing to pursue the lis pendens damage award because it had quitclaimed the property to Samjaz.
By failing to protect the public interest in free access to the products of inventive and artistic genius--indeed, by virtually ignoring the central purpose of the Copyright/Patent Clause--the Court has quitclaimed to Congress its principal responsibility in this area of the law.
the portion of North Shore Drive lying between 2111 North Shore Drive and 2112 North Shore Drive (20 ft) is hereby ordered closed, and all right, title, and interest that may be vested in the public to said area for street purposes is hereby released and quitclaimed to the abutting property owners in accordance with G.