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a gathering to make quilts

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Weistling's "The Quilting Bee, 19th century Americana" sold for $162,600 (against a reserve of $75,000), more than twice Weistling's record price, and won both the David P.
My son, Tristan, was in kindergarten when they made the quilt for President Bush; he drew the square for his class, and my sister, a JHS teacher, sewed the squares together prior to the quilting bee.
Gee's Bend became known for quilting during the mid-1960s when the women set up the Freedom Quilting Bee to help out the town when it fell on hard times.
Homeschooled children may participate in homeschool learning cooperatives where they can join a choir, take part in a quilting bee, or do a biology lab.
From the ragbag of her dissatisfaction with postmodernist patriarchal stories, Barr plucks cultural shreds to incorporate into the design of her quilt, acknowledging the need for a feminine quilting bee replete with the good gossip of women that informs, warns, educates, satirizes, excoriates, and amuses.
Certainly the barn-raising scenes, replete with a quilting bee and a score reminiscent of Aaron Copeland, evokes a sense of community and belonging sure to touch even the most calloused of hearts.
In the earliest days of the Freedom Quilting Bee in Alabama, this design preference contributed to the group's success.
Scrapbooking is the quilting bee of the '90s, with many people getting together in groups to do their projects," said Fred Hillman, associate communications coordinator at Fiskars.
Integrating work and play, they enjoyed a "productive party" -- a barn-raising or quilting bee -- that epitomized the ideal of "useful recreation" (p.
Though separated from loved ones, home and familiar society the Changi women did not need the quilting bee or album party to relieve isolation.
Many of those stories are about quiltmaking, or their tellings are framed by the occasion of the traditional quilting bee.
Women would often gather in one home for a quilting bee, where they would sew and socialize.
Anonymous was a woman," Virginia Woolf wryly noted, and even though many quilts were signed by their artists, the art world has, until recently, done much to obscure the individual quilter; feminist critics and scholars have helped to remedy such slights, but they in turn have often romanticized the communal associations of the quilt and the quilting bee.
Many by now familiar works appear here, from the quilting-party episode in Harriet Beecher Stowe's The Minister's Wooing and Mary Wilkins Freeman's "A Quilting Bee in Our Village," to Susan Glaspell's Trifles and Dorothy Canfield's "The Bedquilt," to such recent and frequently reprinted works as Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" and quilt poems by Robin Morgan and Marge Piercy.
Our philosophy is the best way to avoid needles in the hay is to not hold the quilting bee in the barn.