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stitching through layers of fabric and a filling so as to create a design

a material used for making a quilt, or a quilted fabric

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Inspired by the world around her, Brinkley is using the campaign to support her modern quilting studio and to give back to the source of her inspiration.
The Guild was founded in 1979 by Helena Hibbs with the purpose of preserving the heritage of quilting, being a source of information and inspiration, and in general perpetuating a high quality of excellence in quilting.
The simplicity of quilting attracts both young and old, as seen in the large crowds that attended the exhibit.
Everybody assumed that the Welsh imitated the Amish but the Welsh geometric patterns in these 19th century flannel quilts were in Pennsylvania when the Amish started quilting, so we're pretty positive that the Welsh were the influence.
Cunningham examines the relationship of Amish quilting to the history of general American quilt-making, and finds little that is absolutely unique about the Amish, who learned quilting and borrowed patterns from their neighbors and mass publications.
Some 16 projects provide a range of colors and style options in a top pick for any quilting library.
What got me hooked on quilting was what the quilt represented," said Crissa DuCharme, owner of the Patchwork Penguin quilt shop in Tujunga.
In 1993 Sue Cutsogeorge went on a quilting tour of Japan - the country is, apparently, among the best places in the world for quilters because of the high quality of fabrics available and the prevalence of skilled quilters - and made a friend for life.
A senior academic exchange specialist in the office of Western Hemisphere Fulbright Programs, Shetler spends her spare time stitching at the quilting frame or prowling the aisles of fabric stores, hunting just the right material for a piece of work that, with a clever design, can be transformed from something to warm a chilly night into a work of art.
A message of passion for the craft, from the "Everyquilter" to all quilters, The Making Of A Baltimore Album Quilt is especially recommended as a giftbook for quilting enthusiasts.
Thanks to the Internet, Roberts' idea spread around the world to others who shared her love of quilting and support for service members.
Practising traditional crafts like quilting brings a rootedness in tradition, similar to what many find in their religious practices at church, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist or Native American.
The craft of quilting has been practised from at least medieval times in England and may well be considered as one of the few examples of a genuine survival of peasant or folk art.
Co-authored and compiled by quilting experts Donna Dewberry and Cindy Casciato,.
Creating bold and distinctive fabric works using collage and quilting techniques Pauline Burbidge captures and celebrates the atmosphere and spirit of the natural landscape surrounding her home in the Scottish Borders, conveying strong visual images in the finest woven silks and cottons, combining textures, painted marks and found objects.