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stitching through layers of fabric and a filling so as to create a design

a material used for making a quilt, or a quilted fabric

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Free-motion quilting is the cornerstone of longarm quilting.
Since then, she's released several quilting patterns with Hearts & Bees and had patterns featured in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting and Quilting Quickly, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Quilting with a Modern Slant, and Sew News.
She noted that when he was in it, he stayed up late, suggesting that he enjoyed quilting as a restorative activity with benefits at least as valuable as the sleep would have been for him had he gone to bed.
12) The American Quilt Study Group publishes Uncoverings, an annual volume of interdisciplinary academic research on quilts and quilting, and this group also offers grants and scholarships for "serious quilt researchers.
Quilt around the World GmbH, headquartered in Munich, was founded in 2010 and provides an innovative, interactive and international online magazine for patchwork and quilting.
Jen, who lives in Llanybydder, began to save as many of the old quilts as she could, and over the last 40 years she has put together a collection that is representative of a whole spectrum of Welsh quilting.
Carolyn Forster (author), Carolyn Forster (author); QUILTING ON THE GO; Landauer Publishing, Landauer Publishing (Nonfiction: Crafts & Hobbies) $24.
A starting point might be the colorful barn quilt on the nondescript tobacco barn at her Adams County (Ohio) farm home, in honor of her quilting mother.
Hawaiian quilts are usually quilted with echo quilting, a technique where the stitches outline the appliqued design a finger-width apart.
What got me hooked on quilting was what the quilt represented," said Crissa DuCharme, owner of the Patchwork Penguin quilt shop in Tujunga.
A senior academic exchange specialist in the office of Western Hemisphere Fulbright Programs, Shetler spends her spare time stitching at the quilting frame or prowling the aisles of fabric stores, hunting just the right material for a piece of work that, with a clever design, can be transformed from something to warm a chilly night into a work of art.
A message of passion for the craft, from the "Everyquilter" to all quilters, The Making Of A Baltimore Album Quilt is especially recommended as a giftbook for quilting enthusiasts.
Thanks to the Internet, Roberts' idea spread around the world to others who shared her love of quilting and support for service members.
Practising traditional crafts like quilting brings a rootedness in tradition, similar to what many find in their religious practices at church, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist or Native American.
Co-authored and compiled by quilting experts Donna Dewberry and Cindy Casciato,.