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Synonyms for quilt

Synonyms for quilt

bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together

stitch or sew together

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create by stitching together

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Traditionally, a pantograph is a single motif that is repeated on the quilt from side to side and top to bottom (photo 3).
Hanif Ali, a quilt maker said, during peak season I used to make at least five quilts a day.
From 1931 through 1940, the Omaha World Herald sponsored quilt contests, in which some males participated, to promote the syndicated quilt pattern series it regularly published.
Pre-Civil War American quilts revealed European influences, as Bets Ramsey and Merikay Waldvogel point out: "For the most part, quilt patterns came from family and friends and were shared in letters that crossed oceans, mountains, and plains.
The criteria are originality of the design, representation of the photo in the quilt as well as excellence in creation and use of materials.
Druhen said that once she has an image created for her quilt, she pieces it together, although she often, though not always, does some additional threadwork before quilting the piece.
Most quilt makers said they eagerly wait for this time of the year as they are dependent on quilt business.
Once a month on Sunday afternoons, people from the area get together to quilt and focus on the children and their families.
Other vendors agreed that quilt appeal now encompasses consumers beyond those who are looking for a country-crafty feel in their bedrooms.
It will be a reminder to me that we do live in the richest country--rich in love for our fellow humans--where a person would make this terrific quilt for someone she will probably never meet.
From a perspective of size alone, a lone quilter can find the basic acts of putting together a large quilt top, batting, and backing sandwiches a daunting task.
Drivers are taking note of a colorful new crop sprouting up all across rural America--king-size quilt blocks mounted on back-road barns.
When John Serrao sits down to design a quilt for a quilt-maker, he knows this quilt is intended for a cherished loved one.
What got me hooked on quilting was what the quilt represented," said Crissa DuCharme, owner of the Patchwork Penguin quilt shop in Tujunga.