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any of several spore-bearing aquatic or marsh plants having short rhizomes and leaves resembling quills

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An increase in pollen and spores from wetland plants such as cattails, sphagnum, sedge and quillwort suggests that there was more moisture available at the bog site.
The contact between the Hattiesburg Formation and Upland Complex appears to define the habitat of the Louisiana quillwort (Isoetes louisianensis).
Since the range will occupy the headwaters of three intermittent streams along which there are wetlands and Louisiana quillwort habitats, mitigation actions were taken to ensure that: a) the pre-construction discharge of these streams was maintained during and after construction, and b) there was no significant change in turbidity or sediment discharge attributable to construction.
The most widely distributed quillwort in North America.
This typically aquatic community reaches a depth of a few meters, with quillwort (Isoetes lacustris), awlwort (Subularia aquatica), water crowfoots (Ranunculus aquatilis, R.
Earliest Triassic origin of Isoites and quillwort evolutionary radiation.
From quillworts to monocots to dicots, from ultrastructure to developmental floral morphology to molecules, the topics presented by the participants emphasized the diversity of subjects and plant groups that Bill's closest collaborators and former students continue to study today.
Use of megaspores for taxonomy of quillworts was canonized by the monograph of Norma Pfeiffer (1922).