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Synonyms for quill

pen made from a bird's feather


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a stiff hollow protective spine on a porcupine or hedgehog

any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird

the hollow spine of a feather

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As quill pens were overtaken by steel pens, it was John Mitchell, in Newhall Street, who was the first to pioneer their mass production in the early 19th century.
The day will be filled with activities for all ages, including Civil War code breaking, writing with quill pens, 17th-century games and drumming practice.
The death of both quill pens and the inkwell followed shortly after the appearance of the fountain pen, first mass-produced by Waterman in 1884, but inkwells have a history stretching much further back.
Fred explained: "The very ornately-carved timbers show the great poet's books and quill pens, but is lacking an image of Lord Byron himself.
At the hall they baKed their own bread, made their own lunch in the rambling Kitchens, enjoyed a music lesson and tried to master the difficult art of writing with quill pens.
The faded still life oil of newspapers, quill pens, and notebooks was done by 17th Century Dutch Baroque artist Edwaert Collier.
Donald Eastman's set--like a stage-wide desktop with enormous books, inkwells and quill pens lying about as though Cervantes had stepped out of his study moments before--emphasized the story's purely literary origins and made the singers Lilliputian in proportion.
Banks need to show they are operating in the 21st century and not in the age of quill pens.
If the NHS decided to swap keyboards for quill pens they couldn't do any worse, and it would be a darned sight cheaper.
From the earliest era of writing when the technology was making stylistic marks upon wet clay shards, through the invention of papyri scrolls and quill pens, to typewriters, to computer keyboards, to held-hand blackberries and the most recent mechanical advance in writing--twittering, technology has impacted in how we communicate through the written word.
I accept that, if it were left to the likes of me, our children would still be writing with quill pens and I am sure the school, and the children, are better off because of the PTA.
IT HAILS from a time of feather quill pens, sealing wax, and huge account books.
Courts have existed for centuries, and whether clerks use quill pens or laptops, taxpayers have a right to expect diligence and reasonable accuracy in the handling of records.
Now the powers that be have decided to let them dress up in 16th-century gowns while they learn to write with quill pens as ladies of the court of Mary Queen of Scots.
Over 1500 children took part in educational activity days last year which saw children exploring the Abbey, writing with quill pens and jousting with a medieval knight