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Not perceiving his drift yet, and thinking it always desirable for the sake of peace and quietness to be on the lawyer's side, I said I thought so too.
No, dear friend, in the interests of peace and quietness, positively No
And again he heard that voice, forced and ringing feebly, but with a penetrating effect of quietness in the enormous discord of noises, as if sent out from some remote spot of peace beyond the black wastes of the gale; again he heard a man's voice -- the frail and indomitable sound that can be made to carry an infinity of thought, resolution and purpose, that shall be pronouncing confident words on the last day, when heavens fall, and justice is done -- again he heard it, and it was crying to him, as if from very, very far -- "All right.
And Jukes heard the voice of his commander hardly any louder than before, but nearer, as though, starting to march athwart the prodigious rush of the hurricane, it had approached him, bearing that strange effect of quietness like the serene glow of a halo.
When she had given vent to her satisfaction, she returned to the parlour; where the locksmith, stimulated by quietness and Toby, had become talkative, and was disposed to take a cheerful review of the occurrences of the day.
It was sufficient, in short, to know that Bevis Marks was revolutionised by these popular movements, and that peace and quietness fled from its precincts.
Watsons in Renshaw Street in the city centre became one of the first Rolls-Royce agents in 1908 after testing the Silver Ghost and being impressed with its quietness and performance.
In a statement, the African Union expressed concern over the foiled attempt to seize power by force in Gambia, calling at the same time for quietness, enforcement of order and democracy and respect of human rights.
Realizing outstanding quietness unique to an electric-powered snow thrower for early-morning and night-time snow removal
The survey also measures overall satisfaction, communication with doctors, discharge instructions, cleanliness and quietness.
I'm very pleased with its quality, its production capability, and its quietness, which is really an added bonus.
Coupled with its affection for its friends, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, it is an all-purpose dog.
For projects like these, apart from the cost-effectiveness of our turbines, it is also their quietness that makes them so impressive, said REpower Systems CEO Andreas Nauen.
Drop thy still dews of quietness, till all our strivings cease; take from our souls the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of thy peace.
For the first time in the auto industry, technology used by military and law enforcement to catch hard-to-find bad guys is now being used by Ford engineers to better identify air leaks and help improve interior quietness in vehicles