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a form of religious mysticism requiring withdrawal from all human effort and passive contemplation of God

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Site specificity was a form of institutional critique that exposed an apparent bias of galleries and museums in favour of portable quietistic works.
5) Eric Schocket's analysis of Haldeman-Julius's career also critiques the analyses of his contemporaries who, like Davidson, "declaim the quietistic and homogenizing forces of the culture industry on the American working class.
Christ and "almost every writing of the New Testament" revealed its mystical element, and readers would do well, he reiterated, to "make a study, to some extent, of the mystic and quietistic writers.
On other aspects of this text and its context see Rivka Schatz-Uffenheimer, Hasidism as Mysticism, Quietistic Elements in Eighteenth Century Hasidic Thought, (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993), 180-182.
Keyword meditation also provides a strong argument against taking relaxation as an essential element of meditation, since the reported initial effect of its intense concentration and existential doubt is to make the meditator tense rather than calm, and since the calm sitting of Silent Illumination was seen as excessively quietistic.
There are, however, those who would go further, arguing that Polyxena collaborates with her sacrificers--a charge to which ethical positions of a quietistic stamp are often exposed.
There was nothing passive or quietistic about Merton's life and writings.
If aesthetic perception and social practice are interrelated, however, Brownson cannot accept a quietistic aesthetics.
Unfortunately, there is little in this book to alter the opinion of Adolph Harnack, who in his History of Dogma referred to Eastern Orthodoxy as "that quietistic gathering of the cult.
The first chapter describes the Quaker renaissance which energized the generally quietistic Quaker community to take a more active role in the world.
We conclude by questioning the cultural assumption that contemplative paths lead to quietistic responses to the world.
But I am more concerned with the quietistic implications of humility.
The inner return to Christ is the central theme of this quietistic composition (see above all chapters 10, 11, and 22).
Thus Professor Stern begins his introductory text--one suitable I would think for all virgins of Hegel--with an introduction that seeks to ameliorate in advance the seemingly perturbing phenomena which impenetrable texts, and multiple interpretations can bring--observing in the field of Politics, for instance, that: 'Left Hegelians (such as Feuerbach, Marx and Engels) saw in Hegel a utopian vision of freedom, community, and the triumph of the human spirit, while right Hegelians saw in Hegel a theocratic defence of the Prussian state, support for the status-quo of absolute monarchy, and a quietistic conservatism' (xi).
23) When he is not being ignored by a new generation of American critics, then, Trilling is invoked in ways that convey an impatience with or outright contempt for an authoritative tone that seems unearned, a self-regarding style that merely obfuscates, and a set of simplistic solutions that read like a celebration of quietistic withdrawal.