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a form of religious mysticism requiring withdrawal from all human effort and passive contemplation of God

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If aesthetic perception and social practice are interrelated, however, Brownson cannot accept a quietistic aesthetics.
Unfortunately, there is little in this book to alter the opinion of Adolph Harnack, who in his History of Dogma referred to Eastern Orthodoxy as "that quietistic gathering of the cult.
The first chapter describes the Quaker renaissance which energized the generally quietistic Quaker community to take a more active role in the world.
23) When he is not being ignored by a new generation of American critics, then, Trilling is invoked in ways that convey an impatience with or outright contempt for an authoritative tone that seems unearned, a self-regarding style that merely obfuscates, and a set of simplistic solutions that read like a celebration of quietistic withdrawal.
There was, for Sontag, a clear and unambiguous distinction between the world and the image-world, the former a realm of action and consequences, the latter a quietistic realm of mere looking.
If Arnold draws on Romantic precursors to underwrite the quietistic politics of this early sonnet, he can also at times be prompted into more radical political gestures that suggest the influence of Shelley rather than Wordsworth.
Only Buddhists support it, favoring its non-competitive, quietistic ethos, and acknowledging that the "Enlightened One" would not necessarily have opposed a "technical solution" to the problems of humankind (258).
Rivkah Shatz Uffenheimer, Hasidism as Mysticism: Quietistic Elements in Eighteenth Century Hasidic Thought, trans.
Thus it is natural for people, including, as Ames points out, "even the most prominent commentators to read Taoism as a passive and quietistic philosophy: 'a Yin thought--system' in which the particular capitulates to the demands of its environment and "flows with the tao" (1989, 138).
As poetry in general (and Cummings's poetry especially) shows, this descriptive activity, far from a lame and quietistic deed of monotony, can be one of the freshest and most moving human activities--and also one of the most interactive and significant when it comes to an ecology, that is, an ongoing integrity of living on earth.
The quiet of this "mioritic space" (Lucian Blaga's way of describing the quietistic forms of Romanian belief) was abruptly interrupted by the storms of the Second World War (1939-45).
Everyone knows that rock acts fare best in club situations, and that audiences often talk through and/or over musicians who favor quietistic forms of expression," says Ben Goldberg of Ba Da Bing
Lane, Martin Johnson Heade, and John Frederick Kensett offer classic examples of quietistic luminist light and structure that differ considerably from British Romantic practice.
Words regarding the necessity to change the souls of human beings to effect real change in the world should not be interpreted to mean that black religious leaders were adopting a quietistic approach to civil rights.
He shows little patience for the quietistic and religious overtones of traditional conservative anti-utopianism, which is "underpinned by theological doubts about human tampering with God's world, along with skepticism in the human capacity to make reasoned, wise, collective decisions.