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a religious mystic who follows quietism

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Najaf's Marja'iya (supreme religious authority) is led by the globally-revered and Iranian-born Grand Ayatullah Ali al-Sistani whose quietist school forbids theologians from going into politics or holding an office of state because "political power corrupts" religious men.
In the meantime, according to the quietist school, all the Ja'fari Shi'ites must abide by the law of their earthly ruler, whatever this ruler's religion.
Ignatius called it (Spiritual Exercises, 6), if all were in a state of agreement, or silent in a false and quietist peace.
Remarkably, the seasoned prince reflected the overall mood at the Palace, as the Kingdom graduated from its quietist preferences, and adopted more forceful foreign policy methods.
In Iran's holy Shi'ite city of Qom, his teachers are part of the quietist school.
Clearly inspired here by Wittgenstein, McManus reads the upshot of this insight in a quietist fashion.
Volume 7 will center on crises and renewal in mysticism (especially the Quietist controversy, the Enlightenment, papal condemnations, and 20th-century renewal).
The irony is that Emerson is condemned either as being too idealistic and thus imperialist, or as too quietist and thus conservative; yet, the New Americans espouse an idealistic vision of emancipation that overlooks the necessary forces of conservatism against which such a liberating resistance must be mounted.
Sharp contends that this reading both challenges quietist interpretations of Spinoza and, more radically, 'refigures ideology critique as a project of resistant reconstruction within an "ecosystem of ideas"' (56).
But then, any overarching theme in Cultural Amnesia amounts to no more than: "liberal secular democrat four-legs good, elitist or even quietist two-legs bad.
I worry that its managerial, potentially ecologically quietist, conclusion will carry weight with the casual reader, but nevertheless I am sure that the volume will be a delight to people with a personal interest in the Bow river valley and its history.
All of this ahead of what is traditionally one of the quietist months of the year, February, chosen as the month in which to convert to decimalisation some 41 years ago for the very reason that it experiences the lowest level of trading.
Why view the civil rights movement through the lens of a small, quietist, and overwhelmingly Germanic Church that was based in the north and had relatively few African American members?
Quietist Ja'faris abide by the laws of the land where they live and their religious leaders shun politics.