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a religious mystic who follows quietism

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El Watan and other media reproduced a letter written by Saudi Sheikh Hadi Ben Ali Al-Madkhali, a scion of Sheikh Rabia Al-Madkhali, the intellectual father of a quietist strand of Salafism that projected the kingdom prior to Prince Mohammed's reforms as the ideal place for those who seek a pure Islam that has not been compromised by non-Muslim cultural practices and secularism.
Imam Sistani's quietists command the overwhelming majority of the world's Shi'ite population, estimated at 200m.
Najaf's Marja'iya (supreme religious authority) is led by the globally-revered and Iranian-born Grand Ayatullah Ali al-Sistani whose quietist school forbids theologians from going into politics or holding an office of state because "political power corrupts" religious men.
Khamenei fears this faction most as it is part of the quietist school of Ja'farism, whose theologians do not get directly involved in the affairs of state.
Intellectually, Muslims could tout quietist Salafism, a fundamentalist form of Islam that abhors violence.
It involves participation in the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State, an aggressive media strategy that included attempting to discredit Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup, the use of a network of allegedly UAE-funded NGOs, a religious council to counter to promote a quietist interpretation of Islam, and a failed effort to mediate an end to Yemen's political crisis in part with the help of a former president of the Yemeni Football Association.
if everyone was in a state of agreement, or silent in a false and quietist peace," the pope said.
Sistani belongs to the quietist school of Ja'fari Shi'ism.
Outside of the Saudi state, most Wahhabis have generally maintained a quietist position on political matters.
Remarkably, the seasoned prince reflected the overall mood at the Palace, as the Kingdom graduated from its quietist preferences, and adopted more forceful foreign policy methods.
Clearly inspired here by Wittgenstein, McManus reads the upshot of this insight in a quietist fashion.
Brown described himself as an "anarcho-pragmato-capitalist and quietist with militant and net-organizational tendencies" and - perhaps jokingly - acknowledged having a messiah complex.
All of this ahead of what is traditionally one of the quietist months of the year, February, chosen as the month in which to convert to decimalisation some 41 years ago for the very reason that it experiences the lowest level of trading.
Why view the civil rights movement through the lens of a small, quietist, and overwhelmingly Germanic Church that was based in the north and had relatively few African American members?