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SPRINGFIELD - A man with a gun, allegedly fed up with noisy youths in a park on Saturday night, fired a warning shot into the ground after they refused to quiet down - and ended up in jail, police said.
I am quite shocked to hear, it is normally quite quiet down this end of the street.
On top of that, to quiet down their grumbling stomachs, guests could choose from the various stands which offered churro, snow cones and fairy floss machines, and were also given custom-made Yeezus T-shirts as return gifts.
They'd call their British-born teacher "Harry Potter" but would quiet down at the chance to learn a trick and the subtle steps and technical skillspracticed for hours, yet unnoticed by an audiencethat turn a rusty amateur into a confident magician.
At a certain moment all the instruments go quiet, which cues the crowd to quiet down, too.
When it was necessary for me to ask them to quiet down, I would always ask them politely.
Over the summer, the issue of federal budget cuts and their aviation impact seemed to quiet down, as contract towers mostly stayed open, the furloughs of air traffic controllers were put on hold, and most air shows soldiered on despite the loss of military jet teams.
We don't expect shareholder activism to quiet down anytime soon," Moody's vice president Christian Plath said in a report released.
After arriving in Wellington, Scotland flanker Alastair Strokosch said: "It was quite quiet down in Invercargill.
on a Saturday in May, campground staff at the Northampton Beach Campground asked if rangers could quiet down a campsite.
He crosses his arms waiting for them to quiet down, but when they continue making loud conversation, he begins to lose it.
WINCHENDON - A Phillipston man arrested last week after he refused to quiet down at a special town meeting was accused of carrying a concealed weapon and several other charges at his arraignment yesterday in Winchendon District Court.
He added: "I stopped again and said that they really had to quiet down.
The coalition argues that many passengers would welcome the opportunity to make and receive calls while flying, and it cites the experiences of 52 countries that already allow such calls as evidence that DeFazio's nightmare scenario of being surrounded by loud yakkers who refuse to quiet down is unlikely to transpire.
Then these genes quiet down just as quickly after the stone hardens.