quid pro quo

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Synonyms for quid pro quo

Synonyms for quid pro quo

something for something


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34) The Fifth Circuit first explicitly described this requirement as a quid pro quo in United States v.
While the terms quid pro quo and hostile environment still have significance when discussing sexual harassment, as a result of recent Supreme Court cases, their role in establishing employer liability for sexually harassing conduct engaged in by supervisors has diminished.
We offer four trademarked, tactical sales training courses (The Quid Pro Quo Series), revolutionary software to empower successful selling to upper management (Executive Link), management consulting, and tailored sales training workshops.
As the First Circuit stated fifteen years ago, "[t]he gist of a quid pro quo claim is that [an employee] is threatened by [a supervisor] with demands for a sexual encounter.
Until the last decade, the quid pro quo approach functioned fairly effectively.
Double Dipping, Triple Dipping, Quid Pro Quo Nepotism: all breed more greed and mediocrity at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.
On appeal, the Seventh Circuit reversed, holding that Ives's abuse of Venters constituted quid pro quo harassment.
What REASON said on quid pro quo harassment: Jones claims [she was given] a job transfer and failed to receive merit pay increases in retaliation for having turned Clinton down.
The Quebec Liberal party also has long supported linguistic school boards and apparently had no problem with abolishing confessional school rights but rather sought a quid pro quo for the English-speaking community.
Barbour said, "There was a quid pro quo, and the quo is billions, F-16 fighters for Indonesia .
Perhaps the last round of property tax reductions freely bestowed on timber corporations should have been traded for reductions in logging rates, quid pro quo.
Cohn sought no quid pro quo, but hoped his intervention would help get Bobby, who as attorney general was looking into Cohn's sundry dealings, off his back.
The legislative history of OBRA explains that Congress was concerned with quid pro quo "donations" that, while deducted as charitable contributions, in reality constituted a payment for goods and services.
IN WHAT could spell a major relief for Ashok Chavan, the former chief minister of Maharashtra has escaped all action despite a clear case of quid pro quo established against him in the judicial panel report in Adarsh scam.
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