quid pro quo

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Synonyms for quid pro quo

Synonyms for quid pro quo

something for something


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Based on this understanding, some investment advisors, fund managers, broker-dealers and other financial firms that do business with public entities deploy compliance systems and risk assessment protocols that are geared to detect and prevent gifts, entertainment and benefits to personnel of public pensions and municipalities that may be construed as quid pro quo to obtain investment businesses from such public entities.
Part I of this Note examines the history of the explicit quid pro quo requirement, including: (1) the passage of the Hobbs Act; (2) the early cases considering extortion under the color of official right; (3) the Supreme Court decisions in McCormick and Evans; and (4) the ways in which the various Circuits have construed the different standards established by these cases.
However, what they propose would breach the agreed Council position of quid pro quo replacement of open space which they voted for less than 10 months ago.
In this note, I examine this impact on the value of a patent and its relation to one of the primary justifications of patent law--the quid pro quo.
Having won the Arthur Ellis Award for Juvenile Crime Fiction, and been nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Award, Quid Pro Quo is now in its third printing.
A quid pro quo donation is a payment made partly as a donation and partly as consideration for goods or services--except a payment to an organization, organized exclusively for religious purposes, for only an intangible religious benefit that generally is not sold in a commercial transaction outside the donative context.
Assured of his first champion trainers' title, Nicholls can land a treble with Blu Teen, Quid Pro Quo and Earl of Forestry.
Traditionally, once the conduct was determined to be based on gender, it then would be categorized as either quid pro quo sexual harassment or hostile work environment.
The quid pro quo for the Washington audience was Dominican choreographer Carlos Veitia's compelling Hispaniola, performed by Ballet Clasico's Isbell Piedra and Elvis Guzman.
He said, "The act of publishing is quid pro quo, in which authors [of scientific papers] receive credit and acknowledgement in exchange for disclosure of their scientific findings.
From his perspective, however, a quid pro quo for any tax benefits for purchasing long term care insurance should include mandated changes in the behavior of the insurance industry.
Today's quid pro quo sexual harassment cases are often factually similar to those from the past twenty years and still seek to protect the victimized employee.
And the idea that we would have any quid pro quo is really impossible because there's no quid that we're asking for.
My contacts in Spain tell me a strong rumour is circulating in that country that Tony Blair's - naturally top-secret - quid pro quo to their Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar, is a guarantee of substantial rights for Spain over Gibraltar shortly after the war against Iraq.