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Betel quid use is associated with various precancerous and cancerous lesions, including those of oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, liver, biliary tract and uterus.
Majority of the participants (97%) reported history of gutka and /or betel quid consumption alone or in combination with tobacco, niswar, etc.
Uno de los asuntos recurrentes en los articulos publicados en Quid Novi?
For example, a company launching a new product might use Quid to understand market reception to the product's features by searching thousands of blog posts and media reviews, producing a visual mapping of results within a matter of seconds.
In India, the most common forms of smokeless tobacco used are tobacco with lime (khaini), gutka and betel quid.
Strong association with tobacco smoking and chewing, betel quid and its substitutes was detected, with smoking being more prevalent in males and betel quid in females.
Quid is what I call a next-generation analytics company, where the firm enters a market sector fueled by one significant information retrieval problem.
Mu-Rong Chao and Chiung-Wen Hu explained that betel quid (BQ) consists of nuts from the arcea tree, sometimes combined with spices, such as cardamom or saffron, and other ingredients.
But if you're an ordinary Joe Soap who goes a few quid over the tax bracket, the Inland Revenue will come down on you like a ton of bricks.
So if you've got a spare 50 quid, I'd encourage you to do just that.
A short while later Jimmy Scoular signed and got a right few quid.
Instead, there must be an explicit quid pro quo agreement between a contributor and public official for a campaign donation to be illegal either under the bribery statute (10) or the Hobbs Act, which bans extortion by public officials.
The only difference between a WAG and a princess is a few shades of orange on the skin tone, a couple of inches on the hemline and a few thousand quid on boarding school fees.
You can walk there in 10 minutes at no cost and by a pint of beer on the way with that couple of quid.
I got a nephew reckons he's already paying fifty quid a pint.