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Hees' unguarded remarks quicky drew condemnation from British restaurant chefs and female students.
After an absence of 10 years, Nesquik's rabbit mascot Quicky returns to TV this week as part of the push, which will target "a new generation of mums" with the new strapline 'They only grow up once.
The Pakistani government should help to quicky arrest these criminals so they can punish," the Iranian president said, adding: "The criminal terrorists must be seriously confronted by setting up a bilateral timetable.
The staff and emergency services kept everything very organised and it was all over quite quicky.
It cooks quicky, is easy to prepare and is delicious.
The Gods of Business spells out the a condensed yet balanced potrayal of each faith in plain terms, immediately accessible to lay readers, and is enthusiastically recommended for anyone preparing to embark upon business ventures among those of different faiths, or simply seeking to quicky grasp a better understanding of how religious diversity shapes different culture's worldviews.
The Sunderland-born quicky was a major force for England and Warwickshire.
And Queen of the Jungle Kerry quicky rose to the challenge.
Brazil quicky embraces new technology, yet the country is becoming a haven for cybercrooks who rob hanks.
In their Division One return encounter, leaders Hightown looked vulnerable when Springbok quicky Francois Van Der Merwe claimed 4-43 and Welsh international Paul Jenkins, 3-36, bowled them out for 159 in the 48th over.
It is absorbed in minutes, with no greasy after effects,giving relief from even sore and stingings unburn quicky, reducing redness and heat.
If we ever think our primary mission is to shelter the homeless or feed the hungry, we are quicky reminded that in fact it is to listen to these stories.
Despite the quicky production, the views of the tomb's treasure make it all worthwhile.
Presently," writes another medical center communicator, "a large percentage of my time is occupied in responding to requests for signs, quicky fliers, presentation overheads and other miscellaneous department needs.