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cuttings of plants set in the ground to grow as hawthorn for hedges or vines

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grown from cuttings planted directly in the ground

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QuickSet is Universal Electronics' software and web service that empowers seamless connection and control throughout the home entertainment ecosystem.
Flushing vehicles: Quickset, Heatset, Soy, Non Heat and 100% Solids.
The UEI QuickSet IR command upload capability will be integrated into CSR1011 platform based remote control SDKs.
As the innovative leader in device control, UEI successfully designed, developed, and launched UEI Quickset in 2008, a solution currently deployed in over 70 million home entertainment devices around the world, on a variety of platforms and operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and Android.
340) For though it was without a sense Of memory, yet he remembered well Many a ditch and quickset fence[.
Setup time can be reduced up to 90 percent by using the Studer Quickset software, keeping track of wheel, part, and dressing locations.
There have been homes in Whickham since at least 1183 when the Bishop of Durham had 35 tenants in the village, called Quykham , which was Anglo-Saxon for 'estate with a quickset hedge'.
Columbus, OH 43207 Tel: (614) 443-0241 or (800) 877-4583 Fax: (614) 445-1366 Multibond 2000 Series Crosslinking PVAc L Titebond Regular Aliphatic L Titebond Supreme Aliphatic L Advantage Series Crosslinking PVAc L Woodbond[TM] 75 Aliphatic L Assembly Glue #65 PVA L Assembly Glue High Tack PVA L Quickset 2000 VAE L HMA, HMD, TIME Hotmelts EVA S ReacTITE 4000 Series PUR hotmelt S ReacTITE 6000 Series PUR hotmelt S H.
Side rails with brackets can be removed in just a few seconds with optional quickset knobs.
color LCD, storage for 40 mold set-ups, SPC, user-configurable QuickSet screens.
Examples are Marposs QuickSet modular bench gage solutions and E9066 Gage Amplifier with QSPC software.
QuickSet parts assemble in seconds and are also dishwasher safe.
He describes the country's landscape in biological terms, saying 'betwixt her legs she hath an open harbour'; 'she wants a husband: she is not embraced; she is not hedged and ditched; there is no quickset put into her.
The recall applies to all Paradigm Quickset Plus models (MMT-359S6, MMT-359S9, MMT-359L6, and MMT-359L9) and lot numbers.
Quickset seaming cam package is designed to retrofit the 120L or the 121L seamers, allowing machines to change the seam thickness by making a single adjustment on seaming cam.