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most quickly


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You shall read, in some of the friars' books of mortification, that a man should think with himself, what the pain is, if he have but his finger's end pressed, or tortured, and thereby imagine, what the pains of death are, when the whole body is corrupted, and dissolved; when many times death passeth, with less pain than the torture of a limb; for the most vital parts, are not the quickest of sense.
They seemed anxious to get out of the sight of the houses and of their kind, and this road appeared to offer the quickest means of doing so.
That a northerly course would quickest lead me toward the more settled portions of the planet immediately decided the direction that I should steer.
Ambrose awful; but the quickest witted cried "Bluebeard
As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
I'm anxious to see what the Rigmaroles are like, and this path ought to take us there the quickest way.
Tarzan crouched for a spring, for that is ever the quickest and surest attack of the jungle beast--when the man, warned, by some subtle sense, sprang to his feet and faced the ape-man.
Well, Bob," he addressed the animal, at the same time wiping the sweat from his own eyes, "I'm free to confess that you're sure the blamedest all-fired quickest creature I ever saw.
But its definition, or significance, was there in the quickest part of his consciousness.
Seven months out o' drydock, an' the West Coast the quickest place for foulun' un the world.
I don't know," she replied, "but we've been told we are nearer the Land of Oz than to Kansas, and if that's so, the quickest way for me to get home is to find Ozma.
The world thou hast not seen, much less her glory, Empires, and monarchs, and their radiant courts-- Best school of best experience, quickest in sight In all things that to greatest actions lead.
Ever since her sickness, things that gave me the quickest joy before, turn now to a certain anxiety.
But Vera, always the most impulsive, the quickest to act, stepped into the breach.
In less time than the quickest tongue could tell it, these words were exchanged, and Sir Mulberry shortening his whip, applied it furiously to the head and shoulders of Nicholas.