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more quickly


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Neither slower nor quicker," said Barbicane, wishing to make his two friends agree; "for we float is space, and must no longer consider specific weight.
Bar Comas had much the better of the battle as he was stronger, quicker and more intelligent.
zeta omega rho omicron tau epsilon rho omicron nu / delta epsilon / kappa epsilon rho alpha iota epsilon}, 'mix the drink livelier,' does not mean `mix it stronger' as for hard drinkers, but 'mix it quicker.
Nowhere else than upon the sea do the days, weeks and months fall away quicker into the past.
Changes also may happen by accident in what we call a free state and in an oligarchy; wheresoever the senators, judges, and magistrates are chosen according to a certain census; for it often happens that the highest census is fixed at first; so that a few only could have a share in the government, in an oligarchy, or in a free state those of moderate fortunes only; when the city grows rich, through peace or some other happy cause, it becomes so little that every one's fortune is equal to the census, so that the whole community may partake of all the honours of government; and this change sometimes happens by little and little, and insensible approaches, sometimes quicker.
But the young girl was quicker than be; she wrenched the knife from Quasimodo's hands and burst into a frantic laugh,--"Approach," she said to the priest.
Captain Jim told his stories better, Gilbert was quicker in argument and repartee, Anne felt little gushes and trickles of fancy and imagination bubbling to her lips under the influence of Leslie's personality.
Rail passengers and motorists can look forward to fewer delays and shorter waiting times, with new vehicles and road rules to get response units to incidents quicker, and restore train services faster.
by Times News Service Al Faisal Al Zubair: "We are getting quicker and quicker".
It is quicker to get out of Halifax than to get in, not as many queues.
For sheer ego, we stand up, throw our heads back and suck in air to try to recover quicker.
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The prosecutor said: "He told her the quicker she enjoyed what he was
The quicker you file the better; you may be owed a tax refund, so the sooner a return is filed, the quicker you could have that money in your bank account rather than the tax man's," said Ms Hopkins.
Another thing that impressed Prasanna was the way Ashwin used the quicker delivery.