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more quickly


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She was pleased with the eagerness to arrive which had made him alter his plan, and travel earlier, later, and quicker, that he might gain half a day.
Your dog is quicker to recognise his friends than you are, sir; he pricked his ears and wagged his tail when I was at the bottom of the field, and you have your back towards me now.
It racked me to recall past happiness and the greater peril there was of conjuring up its apparition, the quicker the thible ran round, and the faster the handfuls of meal fell into the water.
The color was deeper on her cheeks, and the brightness of half-dried tears glistened in her eyes; her step was more hasty, all her movements were quicker than usual.
And as Madame Defarge moved on from group to group, all three went quicker and fiercer among every little knot of women that she had spoken with, and left behind.
Afraid of offending him by pursuing the subject when he made so light of it, I only pursued it in my thoughts as we went on at even a quicker pace than before.
As we looked full at one another, I felt my breath come quicker in my strong desire to get something out of him.
I know," I continued, pressing her hand, "that I may seem young enough to talk like this, but some of us get through life quicker than others, and when we say, `It is done,' it is no use for onlookers to say, `Why, it is just beginning
and no lady within the shire can be quicker in arraying herself than my mistress.
Only to come quicker," said the messenger, faltering.
But I was quicker than the shadow and caught hold of a corner of its cloak.
but the Mouse only shook its head impatiently, and walked a little quicker.
Crawford's quicker hand, and she was obliged to be indebted to his more prominent attention.
It was quite time to act; Madame de Saint-Remy was coming up at a quicker pace than usual.
She wanted more vigorous measures, a more complete reformation, a quicker release from debt, a much higher tone of indifference for everything but justice and equity.