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Synonyms for quick-witted

Synonyms for quick-witted

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mentally nimble and resourceful

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The envelope contained a considerable amount of money and very valuable photographs, including Derwent Church spike sticking above Ladybower Water which was blown down in 1949, 45 published letters from various papers and an Examiner article with my phone number in it from which quick-witted Anita Gerrard in the customer services contacted me before I realised it was missing.
To sing like Frank Sinatra, To be as quick-witted as
On the TV series he was the 'most tip top' character on the block, a quick-witted gang leader who easily outwitted the dopey Officer Dibble.
Cyril is very quick-witted and runs or cycles at speed.
30pm) ROB Brydon (below) may be one of the most quick-witted and well-liked comedians on the circuit at the moment, but the Swansea-born actor and funnyman finds himself under the spotlight for very different reasons tonight.
As one of the younger comedians on the circuit, his humour is quick-witted, cheeky and wryly observant.
The first Friday in February marks the theatre's popular Comic FX night, an entirely free hour long performance by quick-witted stand-ups.
HEARTBREAKER (15, 105 mins) LAUGHS come thick and fast, alongside swoonsome romance in this quick-witted comedy about a family who run a company that specialises in ending relationships.
Ancient secrets are unfolding, and could possibly even doom the world--with the help of Lola, a quick-witted Maya girl, Max must brave the terrible Maya Underworld and oppose the ruthless Lords of Death
When a stone-hearted social worker decides to break them up the quick-witted but shortsighted Soli acts to prevent it.
This man is not only a superb actor, he's charismatic, considerate to everyone, quick-witted and oh so funny.
The quick-witted Swede enjoys the atmosphere of this pro-am and has threatened to win it on a number of occasions.
Were they once quick-witted and grew stupid copying our ways?
His humor comic's characters include Sherman, a squirrel whose schemes and activities often result in chaos; Dudley, a well-intentioned but not-too-bright bear; Chad, a struggling cartoonist who's the constant victim of Dudley and Sherman's actions; Andy, a quick-witted lemming; and Whiff the skunk.
They said: "Andrew was an extremely talented, bright and ferociously quick-witted young man who deeply affected everyone who knew him.