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(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value

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The new plant in Little Rock will produce individually quick-frozen, or IQF, rice for industrial and restaurant chain markets, as well as IQF organic rice under Sage's retail brand, "Rice Expressions.
Since the early '80s "the quick-frozen potato market has quadrupled, to absorb 400,000 tons," said Arnault Ribeyron-Montmartin, head of the French National Federation of Potato Processors.
Chart Monthly Output and YOY Growth of Chinese Quick-frozen Rice/Flour Food, 2008-2009H1
Singapore listed Synear is one of the largest quick-frozen food manufacturers in China, also the exclusive supplier of quick-frozen stuffed food for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Purchase unsweetened, individually quick-frozen fruits for ease in portioning out as much as you need for a specific smoothie.
Introduced and displayed at the International Poultry Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center, the Crust Flow-V offers surface hardening and freezing (crusting) of small-size products in individually quick-frozen (IQF) quality.
What is more, the pack contains four individual trays of six individually quick-frozen mini burgers, wrapped in ovenable film to keep them nice and moist during cooking.
Hajdufreeze reaps another bumper harvest of fruit and vegetables quick-frozen for Europe
Upon arrival at Neptune's processing center, the shrimp are placed in thaw tanks, separated, processed and individually quick-frozen.
Super Mash is prepared in the traditional way with fresh butter and milk then quick-frozen to ensure that all the flavour and vitamins are locked in.
At the frozen food factory, the company has a coldstore capacity of 4,000 tonnes, producing up to 2,500 tonnes of quick-frozen fruits and more than 1,500 tonnes of quick-frozen vegetables each year.
Packaged in 10-ounce bags, Cascadian Farm's premium organic Freestone-variety peach slices are picked at their peak of sweetness and individually quick-frozen, providing consumers the sumptuous peach flavor they crave.
Products are available in pasteurised vacuum packs chilled or quick-frozen.
Designed for durability, cost-effective operation and user-friendly interface, this equipment performs in-motion sizing and distribution of food items, including fresh or quick-frozen meat and poultry products.