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of a liquid substance that dries quickly

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98 for 250ml, B&Q), which seals in the resin and primes and undercoats the wood in one easy-to-use, quick-drying white paint.
It will be quick-drying and quality of the inkpad will also be better as compared to that of used in 2013 general elections," an official said.
Use masking |tape to help you get neat straight lines with your new sealant, while a quick-drying filler is best for dents in interior walls
TILE A BATHROOM If your walls are in a good state, or you're tiling over the existing tiles, tiling a bathroom can certainly be done in four days (use quick-drying adhesive/grout if you're doing the floor).
Delicate and definitely more of a simmer than a glitter, this quick-drying gel is theperfect finishing touch to golden skin.
Graphite Dry Lube spray forms a quick-drying film that provides long-wearing lubrication and protection from extreme pressures and temperatures (-100[degrees] F to 850[degrees] F).
Depending on the activity for which they are designed, styles may be water-, windor odor-resistant, quick-drying, warmth-retentive, anti-bacterial or UV-protective.
TOOLS and materials: 18V orbital sander, sandpaper - fine graded Safety specs, dust mask Scraper, paintbrush Quick-drying filler 1.
Keep the furniture dry in your garage or shed while you work on it, or use a quick-drying paint between the showers.
The prescription product is a quick-drying, clear and colorless, fragrance-free hydroalcoholic gel containing oxybutynin chloride, an antispasmodic antimuscarinic agent.
Even the most quick-drying varnishes can't work miracles so, if this sounds like you, give Incoco's Dry Nail Applique a try.
is an easy-wetting, quick-drying, 36%-active solution.
an environmentally friendly quick-drying paint made primarily from corn.
We're told that the clothing feels soft and warm and has the wicking and quick-drying capabilities you'd expect from a normal polyester base layer--but we re awaiting delivery of a prototype for some rigorous testing.
It's easier to keep moving them - without ruining the drying paint - if you use quick-drying satinwood or gloss, and wood primer for that matter, all of which dry considerably faster than conventional products.