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adept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes

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In this case it was just a matter of final fitting to make these quick-change copper jaws.
The quick-change, high-speed, rotary impact trimmer is capable of speeds up to 160 bottles/min and reportedly eliminates common problems associated with other rotary trimmers, including scrap handling and a very narrow operating window.
Unlike other quick-change collet systems, the HQC patented slot-seal system eliminates the need to return the collet to the manufacturer to have the seals changed or re-vulcanized.
The quick-change unit, using the high strength and rigidity of Conveyor Technologies' steel conveyor frame and mount, allows cantilever-style mounting to just one side of the stand, eliminating obstructions to slide-off/slide-on belt removal and installation.
had a major involvement in the quick-change system.
What: KM Micro quick-change tooling system for Swiss-style machines
Quick-change artists Observations of ghostly neutrinos from the sun and from nuclear-power reactors suggested that all neutrino types violate the prevailing theory of particle physics by frequently changing their identities (161: 301; 162: 371).
In a typical quick-change application, the average time for changeover is cut from 45 minutes to less than 10 minutes.
The study examined the prevalence of convenience stores, "in and out" gyms (featuring 20- or 30-minute workouts), availability of city government services online, quick copy shops, one-hour cleaners and photo developers, quick-change oil shops, overnight delivery service centers, speed dating services and Wi-Fi hot spots, among others.
Delivery of one truck with quick-change system (mind.
Schunk has developed new adapter plates for its quick-change system for the SWS series.
The Ball Lock mounting system is a quick-change system for metalworking and metal-forming operations, and works in horizontal or vertical machining centers.
Segen quick-change devices consist of a steel cylinder lock and corresponding knob.
Additionally, TrueCoat slot applicators are easy to maintain, featuring quick-change filters and modules as well as flange-on solenoids.