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adept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes

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Generally speaking, quick-change tooling applies to machines that do not have automatic tool changers Thomas Gibbings, vice president of sales & marketing of Bilz Corp.
These quick-change and modular systems provide benefits for a full range of applications from high volume production to low volume job shops, explains Charles T Glazer, manager-corporate public relations, Kennametal Inc, Latrobe, PA.
Our company's overall objective is to keep developing quick-change tooling products and methods that allow customers to make improvements on their own - to do these jobs faster, better, and with less hassle," says D Fred Smith, president and CEO.
This is particularly significant in an industry that already has several other large toolholding manufacturers with well-known quick-change systems.
A quick-change chuck allows you to remove the master jaw and the top jaw, very quickly.
The reduction of dead time due to the quick-change tooling is expected to cut the return on investment (ROI) period for the machine by nearly half, enabling Landis to put off the day until it has to add the next machine.
We are very pleased that General Motors has selected our quick-change die carrier for its facility in Pontiac," stated Rick Beets, President and Chief Executive Officer of SI Technologies, Inc.
When TM Smith Tool International, Mt Clemens, MI, surveyed its customers and prospects to find out how extensively quick-change toolholding was being used, the results were nothing less than "astonishing in light of the intense global competitive pressures US manufacturers face," according to company president, D Fred Smith.
First, the systems provide the ability for rapid response to new testing requirements by using quick-change load and DUT boards.
To produce its KM quick-change tooling system, Kennametal Inc developed two identical manufacturing cells located in plants in Cleveland, OH, and the United Kingdom.
Significant advantages include outstanding connectivity options, quick-change, clean-hands ribbon cartridges, popular graphics languages at no extra charge, and a table top configuration with an aggressive price advantage.
The new ZMK-X quick-change model locks the screen in place with easy-releasing toggles.
Engineers are realizing that quick-change modular tooling systems offer speed benefits that keep both old and new machines cycling faster with less setup time between jobs.
Mercury 8X jukeboxes hold 150 CDs in three quick-change magazines of 50 CDs each.
has introduced the Q series of compact, pneumatic quick-change clamps designed for electric injection presses up to 350 tons.