quick temper

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Synonyms for quick temper

a feeling of resentful anger

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Sir Percival, being seemingly surprised and confounded, defended himself in such a guilty way that poor Catherick (whose quick temper I have told you of already) fell into a kind of frenzy at his own disgrace, and struck Sir Percival.
There were also some sound remarks as to the danger of nonsensical notions and the disadvantages of a quick temper.
I am well aware, Master Copperfield, that Miss Trotwood, though an excellent lady, has a quick temper (indeed I think I had the pleasure of knowing her, when I was a numble clerk, before you did, Master Copperfield), and it's only natural, I am sure, that it should be made quicker by present circumstances.
Bessie had retained her quick temper as well as her light foot and good looks.
The character is known for her quick temper and a warrior-like temperament.
Teesside's most senior judge told businessman Gary Crowther: "You are a man with a very quick temper.
Unfortunately, my family only saw his quick temper and said he was using me for my money.
Opposing coaches will see this on film, so it won't come as a surprise if opposing players egg him on in an attempt to take advantage of any quick temper.
An acerbic character known for his quick temper, Ghani spent time at Columbia, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins universities in the US before joining the World Bank and then serving as Afghan finance minister from 2002-2004.
She added: "He has a very quick temper and some minor thing would trigger off great anger and violence.
Type A behaviours include hostility, aggression, impatience and a quick temper.
That incident cast doubts on his managerial future and the County gaffer's quick temper has also landed him a series of touchline bans.
According to Mrs Donaldson her son had "a quick temper at times" and "quite a volatile nature.
Your all too often quick temper makes it hard for you to stay calm when close ones bring up past mistakes.