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someone able to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly and easily


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At least one senior canine is a quick study when it comes to vocabulary.
What the minister has not learnt from a quick study of Canadian film history is that English-Canadian films represented less than one per cent of screen time in 1924.
Here is a quick study of the use of ice and compression for the treatment of injury based on information in several published reviews of the medical literature.
The New Urban Leaders is a good, quick study of the federal policies and subsequent disenfranchisement of the African-American community.
Plus, since interim CEOs often charge by the half-day--at rates like $3,000--a quick study also saves money.
Were there any doubt that Jonathan Bate is a quick study, this book should remove it.
A quick study of the page and a few easy clicks allow you to virtually order an entire office from over 25,000 products.
It's a quick study of English, French, German, and Italian Renaissance hines, many of the selections anonymous, about half for solo or several voices and the other half purely instrumental.
We did a quick study regarding the final week of trading of the year and here are the early findings.
The result is a readable supplementary text or a quick study guide.
An intelligent quick study with a near photographic memory, the 5' 6" Underwood has shown facility in a wide range of roles.
Essentially a brilliant decorator and a shrewd assimilator, with occasional flashes of inspiration, the artist was a quick study, learning from Ghiberti (this link discussed at length by Ahl), Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, Castagno, Domenico Veneziano, and Mantegna.
You have to be a quick study and make the right decisions in a heartbeat, because you don't get a second chance, especially when you're flying an unproven design on its maiden flight.
She's a quick study and it says a lot about her character to be humiliated and to be able to come back, and be so decisive today,'' UCLA coach Sue Enquist said of Selden.