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someone able to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly and easily


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And with Kira Quick Study, anyone can rapidly teach the software to identify virtually any provision.
What the minister has not learnt from a quick study of Canadian film history is that English-Canadian films represented less than one per cent of screen time in 1924.
Here is a quick study of the use of ice and compression for the treatment of injury based on information in several published reviews of the medical literature.
The New Urban Leaders is a good, quick study of the federal policies and subsequent disenfranchisement of the African-American community.
A quick study of the public school situation in Toronto gives us an idea, however, of what is ahead if "we" don't do something.
Plus, since interim CEOs often charge by the half-day--at rates like $3,000--a quick study also saves money.
Were there any doubt that Jonathan Bate is a quick study, this book should remove it.
It's a quick study of English, French, German, and Italian Renaissance hines, many of the selections anonymous, about half for solo or several voices and the other half purely instrumental.
We did a quick study regarding the final week of trading of the year and here are the early findings.
Quick Study uses Kira's machine learning artificial intelligence to automatically learn to find new contract provisions.
Lewicki (management and human resources, Ohio State University) and Hiam, a business strategy and leadership consultant, offer a guide for quick study and preparation before any negotiation in any kind of business.
An intelligent quick study with a near photographic memory, the 5' 6" Underwood has shown facility in a wide range of roles.
Essentially a brilliant decorator and a shrewd assimilator, with occasional flashes of inspiration, the artist was a quick study, learning from Ghiberti (this link discussed at length by Ahl), Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, Castagno, Domenico Veneziano, and Mantegna.
You have to be a quick study and make the right decisions in a heartbeat, because you don't get a second chance, especially when you're flying an unproven design on its maiden flight.