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8220;In today's digital age, it's vital for a small business like Quick Fix Appliance Services to have a Web site that's active, informative, and easy to locate,” states Matt Gallo, a senior Internet marketing strategist for Prospect Genius.
In addition, publishing tools enable users to e-mail photos directly from Aurora Quick Fix to friends and family or to sync the software with their online accounts on Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Picasa, Shutterfly and TwentyThree.
A quick fix may work, but you will have to "maintain" the fix.
There will be no quick fix, however, when it comes to achieving these goals--not virtualization or any other promised magic bullet.
Staged by a group of actors and theater students from New York City, The Quick Fix takes aim at behaviors that can lead to all sorts of addictions, from too much time on the cell phone to an overdose of heroin.
He added the name suggests that "this is not a quick fix .
Greaver, who teaches a strategic outsourcing seminar for the American Management Association (AMA), makes an effective case for his premise that outsourcing must be a strategic business decision, not a knee-jerk reaction, a quick fix for problems, or a cure for a revenue deficiency.
On the face of it, raising the age at which retirees can start collecting benefits would seem to be a quick fix for the fund meltdown that experts predict will occur during the next few decades.
The method described does have merit and is a quick fix to the problem, but it too has its problem that cannot be ignored.
In a well-intentioned attempt to install a quick fix extolled by the most recent business book on the market, organizations are creating visions, core values, missions, guiding principles, beliefs, goals, objectives and strategic intent.
I'm sure if you ask any American facing a financial crisis in their own household, they would likely welcome a quick fix to their problem.
Sunderland are looking for a quick fix having been plunged deeper into relegation danger after the 4-0 home defeat by Aston Villa on Saturday.
Our present Prime Minister has made a quick fix over our own self-made problem by digging a big hole to cure it.
QUICK FIX Smashbox takes the guesswork outta blush.
A NEW move to take action on illegal traveller camps in Warwickshire will not be a quick fix, a conference was told.