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quick or easy earnings, "they are traders out to make a fast buck"

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She said: "We believe the main motivation for the deal is financial, with Mr Ashley trying to make a quick buck out of the deal.
I thought of writing to you to find out if I'm the only one who is wondering if I got short-changed, or if this is a gimmick by shops to make a quick buck.
Seeking to earn a quick buck on the sly, some travelers from Dubai, have started smuggling gold by air, hidden in a range of electronic goods.
Farrah Abraham can say that she didn't specifically make her adult video for money all she wants, but now reports are coming out that she was trying other options to make a quick buck beforehand, and they didn't work.
However, strength will be needed if the vision is not to be hijacked by developers, who care little for communities, and have their sights set on making a quick buck with as little effort as possible.
This is the price of fame - sad people will make up silly stories for a quick buck.
First Property General Partner was accused of trying to make a quick buck by turning the 1960s-built Franklin House office on Bournville Lane, Bournville, into 79 flats.
A WANNABE scrap thief looking to make a quick buck has been left out of pocket.
This stems from the City's short-sightedness in seeking to make a quick buck.
BSES urges its customers to guard against unscrupulous elements out to make a quick buck in a clandestine manner and tarnish the company's image," an official said.
Hire firms blame a shortage of vehicles but many will be out to simply make a quick buck after a poor summer last year when many people stayed at home.
The big question now is whether all the newcomers in Britain's coastal towns stay put, or sell to make a quick buck.
Battlefields are places of death, and not entertainment, and they are not a way for the enterprising English tourist operator, as most are in Wales, to make a quick buck out of a nation's suffering.
FINANCIAL planners claim young people should invest in stocks and shares to feather their retirement nest egg - but not if they're chasing a quick buck.
The council should think again of what is best in the long term for the city and not what will make a quick buck now and damn the consequences.