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quick or easy earnings, "they are traders out to make a fast buck"

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But manager Tommy Gilmour jr reckons that would be too early for the Methil scrapper and won't fast-track his man there to earn a quick buck.
Stop thinking about grabbing a quick buck and show more respect to the customers.
Unfortunately, there are some out there who choose to make a quick buck with their bad business practices and the new maximum penalties are a suitable punishment and deterrent.
I am an annual member and believe it is about time racecourses thought of their core customer base instead of making a quick buck.
I'd never cheese out and make a quick buck by asking readers to buy some stupid trap just because some jerks spent hours trying to convince me to do it (plus, I truly hate mustard).
They claim the hip-hop generation has sacrificed black culture in pursuit of a quick buck.
Neo-liberalism allowed several savvy businessmen to make a quick buck through the acquisition of cheap state-owned assets, which generated great returns for them but did nothing to solve the eternal Mexican dilemma of highy concentrated capital and the sharp social inequalities that engenders.
Both Barocas and Rosenberg are very careful to point out that they were not simply Internet entrepreneurs trying to make a quick buck, but experienced real estate professionals who knew what both the landlords and the prospective tenants were looking for.
Of course, there are always people willing to pierce anyone to make a quick buck.
North Carolina Attorney General Mike Easley, for example, decided shortly after the wind subsided to declare legal war against "those trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others.
Efforts to change this direction, however, are undermined by presenters who practice a kind of artistic necrophilia that has nothing to do with art or dance or tradition, and has everything to do with cynicism and disregard and greed and making a quick buck before the corpse goes cold.
they try to expound their own values through the companies and believe in the products - not just in making a quick buck.
Going for the quick buck, media gimmicks, and one-shot associations yields few results for business or the environment.
It is my belief that there are people out there who are out to make a quick buck.