quick assets

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assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)

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Cash flow = Net income + Depreciation + Depletion + Amortization Net worth = Common stockholders' equity + Deferred income taxes Cash = Cash + Marketable securities Quick assets = Cash + Accounts receivable Working capital = Current assets - Current Liabilities Fund expenditures for operations = Operating expenses - Depreciation - Depletion - Amortization Defensive assets = Quick assets
InfoSonics ended the second quarter with quick assets (cash and accounts receivable) of $67.
However, it's what's up front that counts; that is, you can't judge this ratio unless you also have the quick ratio, for there may be enough quick assets so that you needn't rely on inventory at all.
InfoSonics ended the first quarter with quick assets (cash and accounts receivable) of $49.
For the ratios of current assets to current liabilities and of quick assets to current liabilities, Forecast Model No.