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Synonyms for quibble

Synonyms for quibble

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

Synonyms for quibble

an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections

evade the truth of a point or question by raising irrelevant objections

argue over petty things

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One final quibble is that the book's audience would have been broader had the use of academic jargon been more limited.
I have only one quibble with the article's author, and that is with respect to Innes's appeal.
While one could quibble with the temporal shift in the names in his subtitle as being slightly less than rigorous in accuracy, by and large, this is a fascinating book, one that should be of interest to those who think primarily with either side of their brains (i.
Some people like to quibble over Lenten Sundays also.
Although both statements in the subtitle could be argued, let's not quibble.
That one quibble aside, this book is well worth reading.
One might quibble with Shannon's recommendations for introductory readings.
The asking rent for the medical clinic is $20 a foot, and Altman says "When we find the tenant that can use it, he won't quibble.
Who can quibble with its head deity earning more than the GNP of Chad?
My only quibble has less to do with the work itself than a developing publishing culture that markets what amount to long essays by black public intellectuals as separate commodities.
A remarkable performance, both piece by piece and all in all, but with items for quibbly reviewers to quibble about.
Well," the distributor shot back, if you want to quibble.
Other climate experts may quibble with that assertion, but they agree that aerosols inject serious uncertainty into their forecasts.
Its stores are the best looking in the industry," which helps it attract higher-income consumers who aren't going to quibble over slightly higher prices.
The only quibble that can be offered is that several of the younger girls, including Ginny and Hermione, tend to sound more like 60-year-old smokers than teenagers.