qui vive

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condition of heightened watchfulness or preparation for action

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Wheat procurement centers should always be on the qui vive to address and redress the throes and sufferings of the growers, enabling them to ensure surplus of this staple food in the country, pleaded farming community.
The problem now is that Ruby, for all his cool-headedness, will be going round Cheltenham with a fair chunk of his mind on the qui vive for the sky falling in.
I have in mind "Singing to Oneself" (Dudolo) and its falsely optimistic ending, which Morgan translates as "No one is his, he has no one to grieve for / whom the Party alone is on the qui vive for," where the trusting line "akire csak egy part vigyaz" is weirdly paraphrased.
Guerrilla activity kept the troops on the qui vive, and in February of 1951 the Patricias seized their first assigned objective.
At that time, stocks of Internet and information technology companies with no or little revenue were selling for hundreds of dollars per share and, in order to become a part of the Internet boom, ARKONA was developing both a database migration product and a secure email product through its Qui Vive Technologies subsidiary.
Il y aura Malek Bensmail qui accompagne la projection de son film [beaucoup moins que] Contre pouvoirs [beaucoup plus grand que], Rabah Ameur Zaimeche pour son film [beaucoup moins que] Histoire de Judas [beaucoup plus grand que], Nassima Guessoum pour son film [beaucoup moins que] 10 949 femmes [beaucoup plus grand que], Claudia Molles pour son film [beaucoup moins que] Amara [beaucoup plus grand que], Omar Belkacemi pour son film [beaucoup moins que] Lmuja [beaucoup plus grand que], Yacine Mohamed Benelhadj pour son film [beaucoup moins que] Je suis mort [beaucoup plus grand que], Marianne Tardieu pour son film [beaucoup moins que] Qui vive [beaucoup plus grand que].
So I played in Belgium for a year with a team in Brussels and then spent two years in Holland with a team just outside Amsterdam called Qui Vive.
They are mental fidgets, for ever on what the French call the qui vive, or look-out, for something new and different.