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Synonyms for questioning

eager to acquire knowledge

refusing or reluctant to believe

Synonyms for questioning

perplexed (as if being expected to know something that you do not know)


Related Words

marked by or given to doubt

showing curiosity

References in classic literature ?
That both were greatly puzzled was apparent from the questioning looks they cast at one another from time to time.
If true, this represents an error on the part of the manufacturer because this only creates enmity, may fuel further questioning, and does not promote a meaningful process of inquiry.
Seibert was arrested later for her role in this crime and transported to the police station for questioning.
In the first half of the twentieth century, educational philosophers were describing the kinds of questioning and problem-solving teachers do.
At some time--early and often--he should submit to questioning and be held accountable, because if you don't have that then you only have one side of the story.
Rather, this latest round of questioning has only reaffirmed that established just war precepts, rather than being clear guides to action (or inaction), can be vague, malleable, and subject to self-serving manipulation by governments seeking both legitimacy and exculpation for their martial sins.
But during the information-gathering phase of the interview, this kind of questioning is inappropriate.
Wu, 1992, and Nahl & Tenopir, 1996, examined the other side of questioning in this process--the questions posed by end users during the search process.
Information is not extracted by questioning, rather questioning provides the occasion for the coconstruction of knowledge.
The evaluation should not include questioning the taxpayer about unreported income, as such communication is not privileged; rather, it should be based on a review of the tax return, the CPA's existing knowledge of the client's lifestyle and the adequacy of any business recordkeeping.
Ronell's most searing and brilliant questioning of the refusal to read and its unconscious occurs in the two essays on the Gulf War and "Rodney King" that close the book.
Not only would this strategy pump up the questioning of the president, it would help editors and producers spot the holes in their own coverage.