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a written examination

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Entry fee is e1/42 per person and maps and question sheets will be provided at the start.
Two question sheets embedded in the sharing zone Enquiring questions Testing questions (1) What does this problem (1) If there is something ask for?
The question sheet provided in this resource can be used as it is or as a prompt for further questions).
Write notes on your question sheet or on a separate sheet of paper.
I remember arranging for the international meeting during my tenure so vividly because I mailed the important question sheet about arrangements meant for the Middle Eastern University to the one in Europe.
Subjects were told that they would complete a question sheet after they had finished their assigned task.
I do get a little nervous just before turning over the question sheet, but the feeling when it's finished is probably what I Look forward to the most.
This week a 50p treasure trail question sheet is available from the office.
People need to turn up at the Trust offices off Station Road on the Sunday from 10am to pick up a question sheet and a trail leaflet.
For this activity from veteran school librarian Pat Miller's Stretchy Library Lessons: Research Skills (UpstartBooks: 800-448-4887), you need only a copy of the following question sheet for each student pair, strips of paper, pencils and either a CD-ROM version of an almanac or a bookmarked almanac site on computer workstations.
Information and interaction are so integrated that the information does not take additional room on the question sheet.
Those who wish to take the test apply for it on a web site, after which they receive a question sheet with a phone number.
A question sheet and an archaeology questionnaire are attached.
For three rounds, groups see a different question sheet each time, but on the fourth round (since there are only three different sheets of questions), the same questions they had the first time come back to them.
It's great for him because he's learning to spell, so he has to pick words out from the question sheet and find them in the exhibit,'' Orta said.