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a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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And under the majority's reasoning in Teva, this finding is a question of fact, subject to a higher (more deferential) standard of appellate review.
165) However, the reliability of an expert's methods (in themselves or their application to the case) is a question of fact, not a question of law.
Jackson's side of the argument reemerges later in the opinion, however, when he states that "[w]here no statute or regulation controls, the Tax Court's selection of the course to follow is no more reviewable than any other question of fact.
The 10th Circuit reversed the decision, holding that summary judgment was inappropriate because the question of an employee's "primary duty" is a question of fact, not of law.
The court did accept that de-branding could be damaging depending on the manner and form of the de-branding but this was a question of fact for the national court.
Substantially vested: Whether the stock was substantially vested is also a question of fact under Regs.
The court concluded that the plaintiff failed to submit affirmative proof raising a question of fact to show otherwise.
Determining whether a debt has become worthless always is a question of fact which requires consideration of all pertinent evidence--including the debtor's financial condition and the value of any security for the debt.
The court directed that the case be returned to the trial court for resolution of this question of fact.
Those regulations further provide that "whether a reasonable prospect of recovery exists with respect to a claim for reimbursement of a loss is a question of fact to be determined upon an examination of all facts and circumstances.
A determination by a representative of the Employment Insurance Commissioner that an employee is disqualified from receiving benefits for misconduct presents a mixed question of fact and law.
Of course, it is a question of fact whether or not the trade mark has been used generically, and whether there has been inactivity on the part of the owner, or its licensee.
The question as to when, precisely, a person dies, is also a question of fact.
Gordon raised a question of fact to be resolved by the jurors.